Crop Tee & Denim Shorts Summer Outfit

Crop tee denim short and slide sandals summer outfit

What I’m Wearing :: Sunglasses // Earrings // Fitbit // Crop Tee // Shorts // Sandals // Bag

I know I’ve said I have few crop tops, yet my last 2 casual outfit posts featured crop tops. Not sure why I’m lying but they come in handy for the Summer. I try to limit impulse buys but couldn’t resist this tee, I did think about it for a week, so it wasn’t really an impulse. I wish Adidas made it in other colors, then again I don’t need the temptation.

This is the only other outfit I managed to snap in Brooklyn, I was grabbing coffee and breakfast at L’imprimerie, it’s a cute little French bakery and cafe. It totally has an hipster vibe, my outfit almost felt out of place. The coffee was excellent and the avocado and PB & J tartines were delicious.

Since I don’t blog as often anymore, there’s things that I don’t get to share with you in a timely manner. So let’s do a little recap. We are in the middle of Summer and I identified some pieces in my closet that I did not see myself wearing in the next month or two, that was my queue to let go of them. It’s a combination of clothing and shoes.

I got rid of 3 blazers, they still look great but I outgrew the style. I realized that I prefer my blazers on the longer side, they have to go past my waist. I picked two new ones, I meant to only keep one but ended up with both blush pink and white, they are under $70. The crepe fabric is perfect, we don’t experience real Fall here, so this is a piece I know I will enjoy to the max.

I’ve said this time and time again, J.Crew Factory has great shoes, the quality is up to par and they are comfortable. I have all three colors of these wedges for work, two of these strappy patent sandals for going out. The latter are way more comfortable than the Stuart Weitzman nudistsong that are seriously a curse, they can only be worn if you plan on sitting most of the time. I noticed that they added a few new styles and this one got my attention. I ordered them in a couple sizes to try, their shoes tend to run half a size bigger on me. I also got this black pair, I have it in blue and again great shoe for an awesome price.

In October, I’m headed to NOLA for a work conference, I’m staying for a few extra days for fun. So if you have any great recommendations, please send them my way. Talking about work, I got promoted to a new position and I’m super excited for this opportunity. I will have more responsibilities but I always welcome new challenges. Good thing I cut back on my posts because I know the first few months will be challenging.

Lastly, I am still enjoying pilates and I just joined a new pilates studio. My regular gym has a few pilates classes weekly but the time is often not convenient for me and I don’t want to sacrifice my other TRX, Barre and Yoga classes. I struggled with not wanting to pay for two gym memberships, but I feel like this is money well spent and to be honest I used to spend way more on clothes monthly so this is a good thing. I can already feel the benefits of pilates, my core has gotten so much stronger, I used to fall apart after one minute of planking. I also found weaknesses, I have a stiffer lower back so now I know to work on that. My flexibility has also improved tremendously, I am a lot more physically active this year and it has done wonders for my overall well being.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much, I know my life is not all the exciting. On Wednesday, I have work outfits coming and Friday is all my monthly cravings. It will be a good one 😉

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July 2018 Beauty Favorites

Excited to have a beauty review up this month. Raise your hand if you are so over the painted eyebrows, 10 layers of foundation and concealer (I blame the Kardashians lol).  I’ve been trying to find my core products for my skincare needs, so that I don’t have to rely on makeup. it’s been going great because I am obsessed with 90% of what I’m using lately. I’ll make sure to review them and give you honest feedback. It can be hard to trust bloggers when it comes to beauty, for example I don’t use Olay so I declined when they reached out to me. I’m sure the pay would have been nice but I would hate to promote something that I know I would never use.

I recently tried a new eye cream and will keep you posted after I use it for 2 to 4 weeks. I have the worst dark circles and this is one of the last product I wanted to add to the rotation.

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Serum Review

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C is my daytime serum and it has done wonders for my overall complexion. I always follow it with a moisturizer and spf. You can read about the benefits of Vitamin C here. I often hear people talk about getting that glowy/dewy look with their makeup, but I found that once my skin is doing well I naturally achieve that look with minimal makeup. If you don’t have a vitamin C serum in your routine, I highly recommend getting one. Now I don’t think you need to get this exact one, there’s several others out there with great reviews and better prices, find them below. However, I think I will stick to that one for now.

recherche biologique dermopurifiante

Creme Dermopurifiante. I have super oily skin and the extra sebum clogs my pore causing me to breakout. I’ve found products that help with the excess oil but I really wanted a night moisturizer that gave me intense hydration without clogging my pores. This moisturizer was made for breakouts prone skin and I love it. It’s just under $100 but it’s a pretty big jar, I’ve been using it for over a month and only made a small dent in it.

drunk elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial

TLC Sukari Babyfacial is one of my weekly masks. You can learn more about AHA & BHA here, they are basically exfoliating acids. This is one of the key products I have to use to keep blemishes at bay, this one is crucial for me specially around that time of the month when my skin is going crazy. It does sting a lot when you first put it on but it goes aways after 30 seconds or less. When I do this mask I always use a face oil on top of my moisturizer, to seal the moisture in.

glossier lash slick

Glossier Lash Slick, my last review is not skincare but the new mascara by Glossier that is AMAZING! I am not exaggerating, it lengthens your lashes and doesn’t clump at all.  Lately my go to makeup look is a light foundation powder, this mascara and lipgloss.

None of these products were gifted to me.

What I Wore To Work

work outfit with cardigan, white cami and stripe midi skirt

cardigan // cami // skirt // flats // necklace

Another Wednesday and more work outfits for ya. You guys are in luck because for some reason most of my pieces are still in stock. A lot of my work clothes are J.Crew classics so they tend to keep making them. I have quite a few of these cardigan and I only had an issue with one of them. Same for shoes, I know varina flats are expensive but they sure last forever, I plan on getting mine resoled but the more you wear them, the more comfortable they get.

work outfit with stripe cardigan white shirt and grey pants-1

cardigan // shirt // pants // flats // necklace

Same outfit formula but this time with pants, I’ve been trying so hard to not purchase new work clothes and work with what I have. I’m a J.Crew junkie so I’m forever tempted to get their pants and shirts, instead I’m trying to mix and match my existing pieces as much as possible. Hope these posts helps you with your workwear as well.

Denim Crop Top & Polka Dots Shorts

outfit with crop top and shorts

What I’m Wearing :: Sunglasses // Earrings // Necklace // Fitbit // Top // Shorts // Sandals // Bag

Happy Monday! This crop top is one of my favorite purchases of the Summer, I don’t own a lot of crop tops but this fits so well and the quality is amazing. I’ve been having fun pairing with all my high waist shorts and skirts. I think it would look fabulous with high waist pants. I know this is a piece I will have until it falls apart. The size 4 fits me perfectly with some wiggle room. I first got it full price, then got a price adjustment when it went on sale. It’s made of solid denim fabric but is not overly heavy, great for Summer.

I wore this a barbecue in New York and it was really perfect for the occasion, it was a warm day and I made sure to snap a few pics before I ended up looking like a mess. Right after I had to head to the airport where my flight was delayed for over 5 hours and I got home at around 4 AM. It was the longest day ever.

One of the worst habit you can acquire from blogging is wanting to constantly wear new things and that’s one of the reason I wanted to take a break. However, I’ve shifted my focus and now I just go with the flow. These polka dots shorts are old (in blogging years) but I love them and I love this outfit so that didn’t stop me from wearing them. Now I will always try my best to find similar items if you want to create a similar look, and the one I linked to is almost identical. Same story with these sandals that are even older than the shorts but one of the comfiest sandals I own, unfortunately this Italian brand completely disappeared, it’s called Paolo Bertini. That sucks because I even wanted a second pair from them, they are the softest. Again I did find a very similar pair if you want to recreate this exact look.

summer outfit with madewell denim crop top and loft polka dots high waist shorts

Last but not least, my “Pick of the Week” is this cute backpack, perfect for everyday wear. I’ve been wanting a black one but haven’t pulled the trigger on any yet. On Friday I shared the items I got during the nsale now that it’s open to the public.

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What I Bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

adidas outfit nsale hoodie and leggings

Happy Friday guys! The two posts earlier this week were pre-planned and it’s been nice to step away from the blog for a long weekend. I’ve heard so many people complained about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and others go completely overboard with it. It is a good sale to get quality pieces on sale and it can be a great experience if you go in it with a plan. Based on the budget I had set, I purchased me favorite pieces that I know I will wear over and over again. I honestly didn’t want to read any other NSale posts, only from bloggers that didn’t buy the exact same items everyone seem to go for.

Today it is open to the public and I wanted to walk you through my purchases. I tried a bunch of stuff but only got a select few. During this sale I stay away from the super trendy pieces by random brands. This is the sale to invest in better things, like a great pair of designer jeans, new boots or booties (from brands like Tory Burch, Vince Camuto), and nice bag (from select brands). I personally try to stay away from the Nordstrom exclusive brands like Socialite, BP and so on, I find that these items tend to be lower quality and not worth the money.

I personally wear my Adidas activewear a lot for casual looks so this is a brand this is worth it for me. This hoodie and leggings were a no brainer. I ended up getting these sneakers as well, I’ve been wanting a black pair. These are my favorite purchases of the sale, I am still obsessed with Adidas pieces I got last year. Other great brands I always check are Vince and ALL SAINTS.

casual outfit stripe crop top and good american jeans madewell loafer mules

I got these Good American jeans, I got a pair last year and I still love and wear them all the time. At first I wasn’t going to get this one but after wearing it with a few of the tops I was trying on, I fell in love with it. I used to shop for jeans so often, mostly at Gap, I don’t do that anymore and just have a few classic pairs that I wear on repeat. They are better quality so I haven’t had to replace any of them yet. I know these will last me a few years.

I also got these Madewell loafer mules, I love this Gucci pair I have in red. I really wanted a neutral color but didn’t want to spend that much again. I’ve tried several other brands and I had to return every single one of them. I wasn’t hopeful for this pair, but I was sold as soon as I tried them on. I wouldn’t say they fit is just like the Gucci pair that feels like butter, but they are pretty great.

nordstrom anniversary sale purchases-1

I’ve been wanting a new pair of studs and got this Nadri pair, they are super shiny and my new favorite pair. My old cheap pair needed to be replaced for a while now.

nordstrom anniversary sale purchases-2

I also picked up a few random things, like this pack of socks(they are no show socks and don’t slip which is great), S’well bottle (they are the best!) and my favorite candles (this is the exact variety pack I got last year and they lasted all year long).

I didn’t get my favorite Natori bra and Hanky Panky because over the year I’ve found that I can score these for wayyyyy better prices at Neiman and Saks. So yes I love Nordstrom but they don’t always have the best prices, people like to go on about how Nordstrom has great customer service and they do but so does these stores. So shop around guys.

I also wanted to encourage you guys to be mindful of your shopping, I planned for this sale and stayed within the budget I had set. Trust me I saw more things that I wouldn’t mind purchasing but I made sure to stay on track. The NSale is not worth going into debt for. So if you can’t afford to shop the sale right now and is constantly tempted by people posting about it (myself included), mute these accounts until the end of the sale. Remember, having your peace of mind is better than any new pair of jeans (or whatever). On that note I am taking a well needed shopping break, I don’t think I need anything new for Summer and can’t bring myself to buy anything Fall related just yet.

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