Not So Minimal Capsule Wardrobe 09.18

10 pieces 10 outfits capsule wardrobe for work

So excited to have my second capsule up, the first one was so helpful and it made getting dressed so much easier. I made a few adjustment to this new one and all the outfits are work friendly. I find that for going out outfits there’s no need for me to have a capsule because more often than not I am in workwear, workout clothes or just casual clothing. Business casual is different for a lot of people but I do hope all my working girls find this helpful.

As I’ve stated before, this capsule features pieces I already have in my closet, some are still in stock. However, I will always try to find similar pieces to share.

I started using the StyleBook app to put my outfits together and it has been an eye opener having to load my closet in it. I am still not done, turns out I have a lot of clothes. Part of this capsule, I don’t consider shoes and accessories as part of the ten. I love my shoes so I would never wear the same two pairs over and over. Also I like to put my shoes on rotation so I can get the most out of them. Last week, for the first time I got 4 pairs resoled. Eventually I want to get all my nicer shoes like my varina flats, Gucci loafer mules resoled.

not so minimal capsule wardrobe 10 pieces 10 outfits

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Best Flats For The Office

best flats for the office work

I love beautiful heels but on a daily basis comfort is my number one priority. Also I’ve learned that wearing heels often can have several health effects on the body, causing issues way beyond the foot. My mother has struggled with these issues so I only wear heels for special occasions now. I may wear a lower blocked heel to work but not often. For the most part I’m in flats and as you may already know I love my sneakers. Flip flops are the absolute worst for your feet, only wear them to the beach. They offer no support and are just terrible for your back. Also you’ll never find me barefoot but that’s a topic for another day. best flats for the office

One of my all time favorite flats are the Varina flats by Ferragamo, I have four of them and they are the best. Cole Haan also makes the comfiest flats, I’ve went through so many of them over the past few years. I love the look of strappy flats and pointed toe, if you love the look of heels pointed toe flats may be your best bet. They have elongating effects and look killer with skinny pants or jeans. My current dream flats are these beauties by Malone Souliers.

I rounded some of my favorites in each category.

Rounded Toe

Pointed Toe



Book Review 09.19

book review september 2018

I had another great reading month, some I could hardly put them down. You can check the previous book reviews here. I’m joining StephJana and Anne to book link-ups. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews. You can also check out my Amazon shop, when I pick up a new book I always make sure to update the shop. So you can see what I’m currently reading as well.

educated by tara westover review

Educated by Tara Westover: I’m mad at myself it took me so long to pick up this book. In this book Tara tells her life story growing up in the Mormon faith with an eccentric dad and abusive brother. She managed to get in college without going to high school and ends up at Cambridge and Harvard. Her story is riveting and I couldn’t put this book down. Tara’s memoir reminds me that we are so much stronger than we think.

Verdict: 5 stars

the honest truth about dishonesty review

The Honest Truth About Dishonesty by Dan Ariely: This book started slow for me but quickly got really interesting specially the fashion section. Dan did a series of study to find out how dishonest people can be. Most of all how we come to believe the lies we tell ourselves. It was a fun read for me but it may not be your cup of tea if you are not in the mood to hear the author go over a bunch of data on this subject. He is clearly very passionate about this subject which kept me interested throughout the book.

Verdict: 3.5 stars.

the secret lives of introverts review

The Secret Lives of Introverts by Jenn Granneman: Oh I so loved this book and was nodding the entire time I was reading it. I’ve known for a long time now that I was introverted and came to terms with that. I often resent society and the way it views introverted people, like we are mean or boring. Which is so wrong, if you are introverted you will love this book, if you are extroverted perhaps it will help you better understand us introverts.

Verdict: 5 stars

the kiss quotient by helen hoang review

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang: I picked up this book solely because I knew the heroine was autistic. I am loving that they are more authors writing about heroines that are different, it was so refreshing reading from an autistic person point of view. This is basically a modern pretty women story, instead the girl is the rich one and autistic. It was such a fun read and I totally recommend it, it is a little steamy fyi. It also has several heartfelt moments.

Verdict: 4 stars

before we were strangers by renee carlind review

Before We Were Strangers by Renée Carlino: I picked this up on a whim so I had no expectations. It is a sad and sweet love story, Grace and Matt met in college and instantly fell for each other. They lost touch for 15 years, the story goes over both time periods (college days and now) from both of their perspectives. It wasn’t your typical, they met and everything went perfectly. It got really messy but I don’t want to give too much away. I loved it!

Verdict: 4.5 stars.

I started reading book 2 after I watched To all the the boys I’ve loved before on Netflix. It is the perfect rom com, I love these types of movies so I cannot wait to find out more about Lara Jean. I’m also reading 21 lessons for the 21st century, it’s by the author of Sapiens and I’m loving it.

I created an Amazon shop, where you can find all the books I’ve read or currently reading. My next book review will be on October 9th.

Have you read any good books lately? Please do share 🙂


Summer Outfit :: Eyelet Top & Denim Shorts

Summer outfit with eyelet top and denim shorts-1

At first, I didn’t want to post today but I took this pic of my outfit yesterday and figured I might as well share it. As you can see, it is still Summer around these parts and last year at this time we were dealing with a major hurricane. Thankfully this year I’m having a drama free birthday. I wore this to a yummy brunch, I was going to wear a button down shirt but it was just too hot for longer sleeves. I’m just really grateful I get to live this life with great health, family and friends. Sometimes I get caught up worrying about silly things but I couldn’t help but feel so fortunate I get to see another year. Happy Monday guys and thank you so much for stoping by. summer outfit

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Currently Craving 9.19 – Pre Fall

classic minimal pieces for Fall 2018

I’m really excited for the change of season, the change is very little in South Florida but there’s ways to give your outfits a Fall vibe without pilling on a ton of layers. I have several pieces that I’m excited to bring back to my rotation. Here are a few pieces I am loving or lusting over.

Square Sunglasses: I love these darker square frames for Fall, for the Summer I wore my more fun mirrored sunglasses.

Loafers: I don’t have black loafers yet but so want a comfy pair. I don’t wear high heels often so comfy flats are my jam! These will give any outfit a chic and put together look. I’m also working on a post about the best flats for work, coming to a post near you 🙂

Gold Medallion: This type of medallion will look so good with sweaters, it is not too flashy but big enough to stand out.

Plaid Blazer: I’m loving blazers in general, but I’m really looking forward to wearing the plaid one I got last year. They look so good with jeans and more.

Plaid Pants: Another one I love wearing during Fall, I have one that pairs beautifully with Fall colors.

Black Booties: I got a nice pair of black booties last year and enjoyed them. I cannot wait to start wearing them soon.

Plaid Shirt: I have very few plaid shirts after my closet cleaning and would love to get one or two more this year. My all time favorite one has a giant hole in the arm that I can easily hide. I do hope J.Crew comes up with some nice color combos.

Camel Crossbody: I got my Chloe crossbody years ago and it is still one of my favorite bags. I wear it year round really and this color is even more fitting for Fall.

Do you have anything on your Fall wishlist? Please do share.

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