Book Review August 2019

I had an amazing reading month, I think I’ve been doing a fairly great job at picking new books. I will say I’ve been making an effort to stop a book if I’m not into by the first 5 chapters. This is a hobby for me and I want it to be enjoyable. I’m joining Steph and Jana to their book link-up. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews. Let’s get right to it.


The Heart’s Invisible Furies: Some books are just special and this is one of them. Cyril is adopted and growing up in Ireland, early on he knows he is different and spend most of is early years living a double life. He meets his first crush Julian at 7 yo and runs into them later in boarding school and is in love with him the entire time. He comes clean in the most inopportune time then fleas Ireland for Amsterdam where he starts a new life. He ends up in New York at the height of the AIDS crisis when tragedy strikes again. During that time he runs into Julian who’s playboy ways finally caught up with him. While this book is deep, it made me laugh the entire time. The characters were so clever and endearing. I listened to it using Audible. A MUST READ! PS: I read this with Gina and we could not stop talking about it, so check out her review as well. Verdict: 5 Stars

Missing Molly: Rachel is panicking after finding out the newspaper she works for is starting a podcast about finding a young girl that went missing years ago. She is freaking out because that girl is her. This story was so good and I could not put this down but this book frustrated me in various parts. It’s still worth checking out though. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill: Nina is an only child raise by a nanny and had an absentee mother. She has a packed schedule and doesn’t like unplanned events. She works at a book store and is an avid reader, her life gets messy when she finds out about her dad that recently passed away, he left her an inheritance and a bunch of siblings, nieces and nephews. This was a feel good book, a less traumatic version of Eleonor Oliphant is completely fine. Verdict: 4 Stars

Evie Drake Starts Over: Evie is planning to leave her husband when he dies tragically in a car accident. Everyone thinks she’s grieving her husband’s death, but she’s dealing with a lot more. Her husband was not as perfect as their community thought he was, and her marriage had lots of issues. I read this fairly fast but it was just OK for me. Verdict: 2.5 Stars

Recursion: Helena is doing research related to memories motivated by her mom with Alzeihmers. Her research finally gets funded by a tech guru that truly believes in her. Her research takes her beyond what she hoped to accomplish and is not being used for good. To make things worse she is also worried about her safety. I don’t usually go for Sci-Fi but this was amazing! Verdict: 5 Stars.

Dark Matter: Had to pick up another book by Blake Crouch because I loved the previous one so much. Jason is abducted on his way home after grabbing drinks with a friend. When he finally wakes up, everyone is excited to see him but he’s not exactly where he’s suppose to be. Another trippy story by Blake that I could not put down. Verdict: 5 Stars

I’m Fine And Neither Are You: I’m realizing that Camille’s book are always heavy but I ended up loving this story although I thought it was depressing at first. Penny is grieving the death of her best friend, that seemed to have the perfect life. Jenny was a successful blogger with a huge following, had an adorable daughter and husband; She was found dead due to an overdose on prescription drugs. Penny is not only sad but feels bad for not realizing that her best friend was struggling. Penny is also dealing with the stress of being a working mom with a very lazy ‘almost unemployed’ husband. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Queen Of Hearts: This book is about the friendship between Zadie and Emma, they met in college and both went to medical school. Later, both married with children and successful careers, they learned that an old colleague is coming to work in Emma’s hospital and they are pretty nervous about it. This book was excellent, the end made me roll my eyes but I can’t tell you without giving some of the plot away. Verdict: 4 Stars

Where’d You Go, Bernadette: I decided to read this before the movie comes out. I decided to watch the movie because my favorite, Cate Blanchette is starring in it. I really had no opinions on that book and it was a delight. It was quite funny to me and I love all the jabs at Microsoft. Not sure if the author purposely did that but it was hilarious to me. I see why this book gets so much hype, it was truly unique. Verdict: 5 Stars

Everything I Never Told You: I enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere, full review here. So I decided to pick up another of Celeste Ng books. It’s about a Chinese American family in the 70s when their favorite and perfect daughter Lydia goes missing and is later found dead. Everything unravels and you soon starts seeing all the cracks in the foundation of that family. The parents put a lot of pressure on Lydia white pretty much ignoring their other son and daughter. Nathan the eldest son is convinced their neighbor Jake is to blame for the death of his sister. Verdict: 4 Stars

Miracle Creek: This is Angie Kim’s debut novel and it is brilliant. She said it took her 5 years to write it and it shows. Elizabeth is on trial for the death of her son autistic Henry during one of his treatments. This book is narrated from several characters perspective, and you see how several different events can amount to something catastrophic. I don’t want to give anything away but it is truly a great story. I listened to this book via audible and I think it was beautifully narrated. Verdict 5 Stars

The Most Fun We Ever Had: Marilyn and David met in college and quickly get married in the 70s. Years later they have 4 adult daughters; Wendy is rich and troubled, she entertains herself with alcohol, younger men and driving her sister Violet crazy. Violet is uptight and a stay at home mom, she was my least favorite sister. Liza is a college professor with a loser boyfriend that plays video game all day. Grace is away from home and lying to her parents about what’s going on. Everything changes when Wendy brought Jonah to the picture, the baby Violet gave up for adoption years ago. Meanwhile the 4 sisters are desperately thriving to live to the their parent’s relationship. Through the years David and Marilyn are still very much in love. I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like about this book, the story was entertaining from beginning to end. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Bride Test: Khai is autistic and convinced that he’s incapable of love. His mother is trying and failing to find him a wife. She meets Esme in Ho Chi Minh City where she’s working as a janitor in a hotel and offers to bring her to America, thinking she’s the perfect girl for him. Esme agrees because she wants to give her family and young daughter a better life. I thought this would be just a cute rom com but it was so much more. Esme was hardworking and determined to make it in the US. Don’t want to give too much away but I loved it! Verdict: 4 Stars

After The End: Pip and Max have the perfect family until their son Dylan gets diagnose with a brain tumor. Everything changes and Pip pretty lives in the hospital hoping her son will be get better after a major brain operation. They late learn that Dylan’s surgery wasn’t successful and he will never fully recuperate. They have to decide if to let Dylan die in peace or force new treatment that may buy them a few months or a couple more years. Their world is turned upside down when Pip and Max are not in agreement for what’s best for their son and end up in court. I did not want to read this to be honest but once I started I could not put it down. Verdict: 4.5 Stars

Non Fiction

Three Women: Lisa follows the sex life of 3 women over the course of 8 years. This reads like fiction and was interesting. I think it is way over hyped on instagram. The stories of these women are nothing I haven’t heard before. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

I wanted to do a quick pick section but honestly, the only two books I would say you can skip are Evie Drake Starts Over and Missing Molly. The later was very interesting but the story had lots of flaws. I try not to compare books to each other when rating them.

4 Summer Outfits to Wear Now

I can’t believe all the Fall talk I’m hearing lately when it’s still so hot. It was Fall not that long ago so not sure this frenzy to shop for Fall is necessary. Unless you are shopping for growing kids and teenagers. Anyway I will be wearing my Summer outfits a lot longer, and in anticipation of my vacation, I started outfit planning. I use the StyleBook app and loaded my entire closet on it. Now I just randomly add or delete if I purchase something new or get rid of something.

dress // bag // shoes // necklace

That dress is so versatile and I’m totally bringing it with me, I’ll wear it with sneakers and more.

Tee // Skirt // Backpack // Sandals

I got this Misa skirt a couple years ago and it’s still a beauty. If you don’t want to pay full price, I say watch out for them here. I’ve seen several pop in. You can see this outfit on here.

cami // shorts // bag // sandals // earrings // necklace

These shorts and sandals are new-ish purchases and I high recommend both.

top // dress // bag // sandals

I have a bonus look for you. My guilty reality TV show is Vanderpump rules and I love Stassi’s style, haven’t read her book yet but I picked it up at the library last Saturday. She recently got engaged and I loved the casual/cute outfit she was wearing. I love the contrast of a dressy top and heels with the denim shorts. I saw her entire outfit because I watched her instagram stories and post engagement gathering and kept thinking this is such a cute look.

Top // Shorts // Bag // Sandals

Her top is also available in a leopard print version that I love! I’m not into these beaded bags but it was perfect with her outfit.

Thank you for reading and tomorrow is book review day so come back for more. Have a great Monday!

Everything I Wore in July 2019

What I’m wearing HERE. Exact dress.

You can easily tell what my month was like by looking at these monthly round up post. Indeed I’m having a very low key Summer, I won’t bore you by ranting about the weather. I talked about my Birkenstocks here and this is proof that I’ve been living in them. I’ve been wearing my activewear a lot too but I won’t bore you with these outfits.

I wore exactly one cute going out outfit, I do love these slip dresses because they can easily be dressed down and they are super comfy and lightweight. I’ve made sure to snap a pic with all the outfits I wore even if it’s somewhat dark. It’s been gloomy around here.

  1. tee // skirt // shoes // necklace
  2. shirt // jeans // shoes // necklace

I only wore a couple of work outfits because I’ve mostly been working from home. I can’t remember the last time I purchase office clothing and it’s been great!

I’ve been super casual for the most part and I can say that I’ve been living in my J.Crew graphic tees and their high waist shorts. It’s been nice to dress so simply but I do miss getting a bit more dressed up once in a while. Hopefully, I’ll do better next month.

  1. crop tee // pants // sandals
  2. tee // shorts // bag // sandals
  3. tee // shorts // bag // sandals
  4. crop tee // dress // bag // sandals // necklace
  5. crop tank // pants // sandals
  6. tee // jeans // bag // sandals
  7. crop tee // shorts // sandals

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July 2019 Recap

Hey guys! I know I’m not posting as often, but I did not give up on this blog. Since I post less I plan on making these posts more robust, but remember you can subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter as well for more.

Eating: I’ve been cooking a lot and here are a few dishes I’ve made and loved. This summer pasta I made a bunch of times and it’s so satisfying, also brought to a 4th of July party.

I love a simple pasta dish and this one is easy and delicious. You can make it in 15 minutes.

I certainly do not eat pasta everyday, I wish I could lol. This is a healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner dish. Season chicken drumsticks and coat your favorite veggies with soy sauce, pepper and maybe some salt or everything but the bagel seasoning.

Loving: I got a few things lately and I’m excited to wear them.

I was due for new workouts sneakers and I usually have two pairs, one for running and another for training. My running one is the Brooks Ghost 11, but for training I tried new to me brand APL and was pleasantly surprised. They feel like butter and they are cute enough to wear out.

From my last post, you know I am big on Birkenstocks right now and this pair is so cute and the best everyday sandals.

I needed minimal sandals for an upcoming event and ordered these, I can’t review them yet because I am still waiting for my package but the reviews online are really promising.

Last but not least, I really wanted a cute t-shirt dress. This was a winner because I love the ruching and it’s very flattering on, it is also lined so you can wear regular undies. I hate tee dresses that are actually made of t-shirt material.

Up to: I’ve been doing a lot of reading and recently finished The Queen of Hearts and Dark Matter, both were great, full review coming soon.

WatchingThe Great Hack on Netflix, it’s so interesting. A great look behind the company gathering all your data and how they used it in the last election.

Excited: My upcoming vacation, it cannot get here soon enough because I am exhausted.

Wearing: Some of the outfits I wore lately.

top // dress // bag // shoes // necklace
What I’m wearing HERE. Exact dress.
shirt // jeans // shoes // necklace

I am joining Sheaffer and Shay for their monthly recap.

Thank you for reading and happy hump day!

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So I Wear Birkenstocks Now

I never thought I’d see the day but here we are, I’ve despised Birkenstock for as long as I can remember. In my defense I was only familiar with the Arizona style, I’m still not fond of that style, it is just too bulky and is not flattering on me.

So I started falling for them when I say the Big Buckle Madrid style, I remember my mom had a similar style sandals growing up and had no idea Birkenstock made so many different styles. Once I decided to pull the trigger on the ones I’m wearing above, they were sold out everywhere. I ended up getting them on this random site but I did go to Dilliards to figure out my exact size. I’m a true US 7.5 normal and the 37 EU fits me perfectly.

I’ve been wearing them non stop so I picked up a black pair in the YAO style that is my second favorite. I got into a lengthy conversation on instagram dm with a reader after I posted about them and learned that you need protect the cork, so I went ahead and got a cork sealer so that they can last me even longer.

They are basically all I’ve been wearing lately, with this heat I’m less inclined to wear close toe shoes, so my slip-on sneakers that are usually my go-tos are on a break. I love that they are comfortable enough to wear on longer walks, so great for traveling and exploring.

If you are into Birks and need a new pair…

Last but not last here’s a pic of me taking them to dinner to my favorite sushi spot.

leopard print slip dress crop tee and big buckle madrid birkenstocks sandals
top // dress // bag // shoes // necklace

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