Welcome to Pink Sole!

You’re probably wondering “what in the world is pink sole?” Well I’m afraid to disappoint you and let you know that pink sole doesn’t have any profound meaning, and that it’s just a simple blog that two sisters, who are passionate about fashion (at least their version of what fashion is), latest trends, movies, travel, food, TV shows, or just whatever, wanted to share their point of views with you, you, and you.  It’s as simple as that!  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we just want you to relax, read and simply enjoy pink soles.  We strongly encourage interactions so share your stories/experiences/tips, give your feedback, and have fun with us.  No one is right or wrong here! Your comments are truly welcome and we want you to share with us and with other readers your personal views whether or not you agree with us.  We only hope that whenever you read one of our posts that we’ll be able to put a smile on your face, and be like “OMG!!! I thought I was the only one like that”, “I can’t believe she noticed Ramona’s bag from the last episode of The Real Housewives of New York (my guilty pleasure), or “Is she serious right now?”

How did we come up with pink sole?  Well, we love Christian Louboutin shoes, (I mean who doesn’t? although we can’t afford them) and one day (with too much free time in our hands) were wondering why don’t they have pink soles instead of red.  Red is elegant, but I feel that pink would be so much more glamorous and girly. considering we are very girly girls.  Well maybe when I have my own shoe line (in this lifetime hopefully), I will design my shoes with pink sole.  I truly think that they’d be a hit, don’t you?  Until I have enough money to venture into my new career of being a pink sole shoe designer, I’ll have to settle for the pink sole blog.  So enjoy pink sole with us.