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Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Flats // Necklace

Happy Friday! This past couple of weeks I posted a little less, but from now on I’m committing to two posts weekly. I haven’t been shopping much and not browsing stores online constantly helps. Whoever runs a fashion or style blog spends an ungodly amount of time browsing stores online and that’s the trap to constantly shopping. So I’ll try to balance the fashion with other posts, specially books.

The holiday season is specially tempting to me because there’s so many festive pieces available. Like these flats, they look comfy, festive and so cute. I would pair these with classic pieces and let them stand out.

  • This interview of Emma Watson for British Vogue is so beautiful. I love her.
  • A 66 years old influencer, she’s gorgeous. I love fashion and seeing stylish older women is always so inspiring to me.
  • I can’t believe this has to be said.
  • I’ve been reorganizing my closet and I’m loving the updates I did. This post on MR was really fun.
  • Still on the closet topic, check out Sara Berman’s Closet that was an exhibition at the Met.
  • Dancing past 60, love this article. Recently I was in pilates and the man next to me claimed to be 87 yo. I was shocked because I thought he was in his early/mid 60s. He did tell me that pilates was one of the best exercises he’s ever done. So I guess I’ll keep doing that
  • I use the AHA serum and it’s now permanent in my skincare routine.

Have a great weekend guys! Be back Monday for a new post.

Book Review November 2019

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good, this past work week was intense so on Saturday I did very little. My Sunday therefore was busier, I was very productive and finally got around to listing a bunch of stuff on eBay. I also managed to get this post together, I think it will be my only post this week. I’m starring at a computer screen all week long so on weekends I’m trying to have less screen time.

No let’s get into these books, I had a pretty good reading month. A couple were not so good and I ended up abandoning one of them. I don’t have any reading goals, this is something I enjoy doing, so don’t want it to become a chore. I finally started tracking my favorite authors, I have the worst memory so that’s helpful for when people ask.

All It Takes: At the reading of her grandfather’s will, Sienna and her sister inherits a big chunk of money. Her grandpa however left a property to the city to remain as a park, but another lawyer ‘Quinn’ comes to the reading claiming that Sienna grandpa sold the property to his client. Sienna is also a lawyer and wants to fight for her grandpa’s wishes. Now she has to work with Quinn to settles this and there’s definitely sparks between them. This author is a go-to for brain candy. Verdict: 3 Stars

Maybe in Another Life: So I decided to read all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books and thankfully they are all available at my library. Hannah is kind of a mess, after ending her relationship with a married man in New York, she is moving back to her hometown LA. She is excited to live with her best friend Gabby again and reconnects with her high school boyfriend Ethan. One her first night out, Ethan asks to her to stay out with him, from that point on you start reading two parallel stories. In one Hannah stays out with Ethan, and in the other she chooses to go home with Gabby and not rush things. Taylor is very creative and I really enjoyed reading this. It was so interesting to read how things turned out based on a single simple decision. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Water Dancer: Sigh… I am having such a hard time reviewing this book. I usually avoid books and movies about slavery, I’ve spent years studying that subject and it makes me sad, so I usually don’t seek it when looking for entertainment. This book has amazing reviews and clearly the writer is beyond gifted. It just wasn’t for me. It took me three weeks to finish it. Not even going to rate, I say check the reviews and it may or may not be for you.

The Best Thing: I usually like this author for light reads. I really enjoyed The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin, but this one was meh, I didn’t finish it. Verdict: 2 Stars

Forever, Interrupted: Elsie is a 20 something librarian with a pretty simple life. This story starts with a bang, her husband ‘Ben’ of barely one week goes out to get her cereal and dies in an accident. She is devastated, they met six months prior and it was pretty much love a first sight. Now she’s grieving and dealing with Ben’s mom that she’s never met. This was another great story by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I enjoyed it but know that it is a bit sad. Although, I was very happy with the ending. Verdict: 3.5

All The Beautiful Lies: I also decided to read all of Peter Swanson books and I am officially spooked. Harry has to miss graduation because his father passed and it’s unclear if it’s a freak accident or premeditated. He goes back home to his stepmom Alice. She is beautiful and Harry was always weirdly attracted to her. Overwhelmed by his last parent passing and not sure what’s his next step is, Harry is obviously distraught. On the day he got back home, he notices a girl that is staring at his father’s house, then later sees her at the funeral. Yet no one seems to know who she is. Harry start digging in his father’s past and is learning some of his father’s secrets. Also Alice is not so innocent either. I looooved this book, it had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. So twisted and so good. Verdict: 4 Stars

Her Every Fear: Kate suffers from anxiety and has a traumatic past. When she travels to the US for a six months flat exchange with her cousin Corbin, she is very nervous as this is a major endeavor for her. Upon her arrival, a girl is freaking out and asking for a wellness check on her friend that lives next door to Kate’s new flat. We later found out that the next door neighbor was indeed murdered in her apartment. Kate is of course freaked out, was her cousin involved with this girl? Is her new and slightly creepy neighbor Alan involved? She doesn’t know, but something fishy is definitely going on, and some people are not who they claim to be. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart: George is a 40 something single man. While hanging at the bar with a friend, he see his ex from college Liana. She disappeared from his life 20 years and is wanted for murder. The meeting wasn’t accidental, she needs a favor from George and he just can’t say no to her. Another great book by Peter, the end wasn’t as satisfying. I love when everything is resolved but still a great read that will have you at the edge of your seat. Verdict: 4 Stars

Never Have I Ever: This is my very first time reading this author and I was worried this book would be similar to a Liane Moriarty novel but it was totally different. Amy is a regular mom and wife, she is hosting book club when her new neighbors hijacks it and starts playing a very dangerous game. She knows something about Amy’s past that she has not shared with anyone in her new life. Verdict: 4.5 Stars

The Roxy Letters: Roxy is in her late 20s, failed artist and work in the deli at Whole Foods in Austin Texas. She’s unlucky in love and having so much financial issues that she’s renting her ex Everett a room in her house. Everett is not her first choice as a tenant but she needs the money, she also knows he can help take care of her pets. She writes Everett letters when he’s running late on rent, or when he brings cheese to the house. Roxy is a wannabe vegan and cheese is her weakness. As her life unravels with drama, Roxy continues to writes these letters to Everett, talking about her woes, failed attempts at dating, outrage at Lululemon and more. Sometimes you read a book that is just so different, Roxy is a millennial to the T but deep down she wants to get her life together and her journey will make you shake your head, laugh and eventually love her. Verdict: 4 Stars – Thanks to Netgalley for this advance copy, this book will be out in April 2020 and is worth preordering. I will give you guys a reminder when it’s out.

After The Party: Jem and Ralph are separated and coparenting their two kids. When Ralph mysteriously doesn’t pick up the kids with little explanation, Jem seriously gets worried and start looking for him and calling his family. The story then goes back to a year prior when Jem and Ralph were still together. I think this was a really interesting story of transitioning from a carefree relationship to being in your 30s, struggling with fertility, having kids and feeling disconnected from your partner. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Get A life Chloe Brown: Chloe’s life changed when she is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, this chronic illness caused her to lose her fiancé and all her friends. She is often in pain and they didn’t get her current limitations. Thankfully her family is very supportive. She finally moves out to her own flat and starts a list to-do list to get her life together. She doesn’t make the best impression on her superintendent Red, who she’s being spying on. This is a super cute and steamy romance with lots of depth, because both Chloe and Red have a lot of emotional baggage from their previous bad experiences. It was such a fun read, I loved it as much as The Hating Game and that’s saying a lot. Verdict: 4.5 Stars

The Making of Us: Lydia had a sad upbringing and is now a lonely upbringing. Robyn is gorgeous and popular but now she’s struggling in medical school. Dean is a new single dad without a purpose. They don’t know each other but are linked and they lives are about to change. I always enjoy Lisa’s books, her stories are always so interesting. Don’t be fooled by my simplistic summary, this story is so complex and the end was so satisfying. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

I am currently reading The Wedding Party and reading Royal Holiday next. What are you guys currently reading?

PS: I’m joining Steph and Jana to book link-ups. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews.

Everything I Wore in October 2019

Can’t believe it’s November and we only have two months left in 2019. I can’t believe 2000 was almost 20 years ago. This past month has felt like a new year to me, I’ve been very reflective and I’m working on making some changes. Since this post is mostly about fashion, I’ll focus on that for now. I started October with a deep desire to reduce, reduce and reduce some more. I did my biggest closet cleaning yet and started a shopping ban. This time I meant business, I always left some wriggle room in my budget for some shopping. Now I no longer have that, I don’t need anything hence I refuse to buy anything. That allocation goes straight to a savings account I cannot easily access.

A major temptation when it comes to shopping is this blog and instagram. Instagram is easier, as I made the effort to unfollow accounts that are always pushing products. It’s a bit harder with the blog, making fashion related posts forces me to browse online, which is my downfall. So for now I will be blogging a bit less, maybe once or twice weekly, when I have something I’m excited to share.

For now, it’s that time again! October wasn’t a very fun month, I worked from home a lot so I spent most of my days in activewear. Lately most of my jeans are from L’Agence, they are expensive but I get all of mine from TheRealReal. Actually I get them for about $35 and they still have the tag on. Yes you have to watch for your size but they are worth the extra effort.

I wore the look below to my friend Birthday dinner. I got this cute crop top from Zara earlier this year.

01: Outfit HERE

I wore this to an indulgent Italian dinner with a friend. This is another Zara top and I saw that it’s back in stock. I love it!

02: top // jeans // bag // boots

This is the one work outfit I wore, loving wearing plaid lately. This is another pair of L’Agence denim, they fit so well.

03: shirt // jeans // belt // loafers // necklace // bag

Sometimes you just need to take yourself out to dinner and this is what I wore. Other ways I’ve worn this slip dress here. I love Silk Laundry, their slip dresses are divine, unfortunately their prices seem to have gone up. I’m happy I got mine when I did.

04: Outfit HERE – Exact dress

The ones below are all super casual outfits I wore that I didn’t bother documenting, to lunch, running errands, doctor’s appointment and such.

01: tee // shorts // backpack // sandals
02: tee // skirt // backpack // sandals
03: tee // leggings // jacket // bag // sandals
04: dress // bag // sandals

See how I’ve worn this boho dress and my plaid shirt prior here.

Find all my previous monthly outfits round up HERE. Thank you for reading, have a great week!

A Perfect Outfit – Dressy Holiday Party Outfit

Save: Dress // Tights // Pumps // Clutch
Splurge : Top // Jeans // Clutch // Sandals or Booties

I’ll be home for the holidays and I hope I get to go to a few parties. Not going to lie, I love a kick ass New year’s eve party outfit. I know I’ll have a work holiday party and I’ll make sure to have a post to cover that as well. I’ve been doing well on my shopping break, so I’m hoping to shop my closet for the holidays. If I fail, oh well!

If you on the other end, need a new outfit for the upcoming festivities, this post is for you. The first outfit is very budget friendly and I hope I had a basic sequin dress like this one to repurpose for fun festivities. A budget? What’s that! If that’s you, checkout look two. I am obsessed with Retrofête, if I have something major, I’ll even consider renting them from Rent the Runway.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.

Puzzles For Adults

I was going to do a monthly recap post today, talking about what I’ve been up to. Well my life is pretty much the same, so no updates necessary. The only thing is, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with my new puzzle.

Piecework Puzzles is curated line of Jigsaw Puzzles created by two women. I’ve wanted to get puzzles for a while but wanted a really unique design, I wouldn’t get bored of. These are so beautiful and I’ve pretty much been obsessed with it. It’s so calming and I have spent hours working on it. It’s even a joke with my friends because I’ve been willing to cancel plans so I can stay home and do my puzzle.

I’m almost done with Feeling Flushed and already ordered the Meta Puzzle, it looks so cool. I love that the packaging is pretty enough to store on your book shelf. If you have friends over, it will be a great activity to do together.

This is my latest acquisition and cannot wait to get started on it.