Wash and Go on 4C Hair using Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Hope you guys had a great holiday. I got asked for a review of this hair dryer, after I recommended it in this post. I got the Dyson hair dryer pretty early on and never thought to do a review. I always try my best to have a simple hair routine, anything that takes too long or is too frequent, I will give it up within a month.

It took me a while to do embrace my natural texture and do wash and gos. I was always doing twist-outs in order to elongate my curls, well that’s time consuming and involves too much manipulation of my 4C hair that highly prefers low manipulation. Natural hair salon are expensive in South Florida, a visit range from $90 to $250. Paying that much for a do that will last about 4 days is just not worth it in my opinion. With that I haven’t been in a hair salon in years, I only miss the part where they wash your hair but not enough to pay for it.

When they Dyson hair dryer came out and they advertised it as such: “The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to help increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.”

I knew this is exactly what I needed, heat damage is a major concern for me, my hair is thin and 4C coily hair are prone to breakage because they can easily can tangled and don’t even get me started about the frizz.

The three attachments above are the only one I use, I think I have a fourth on somewhere but I never use it.

So after washing my hair and while it’s soaking wet, I part it in four sections. Then use the raking method to apply my styler above. So the before picture below is what my hair looks like when I’m done. I always have a water bottle handy just in case my hair start drying, by the time I get to the second section, that always happens.

I was in a rush that day and used the diffuser head to dry my hair on the highest heat setting. My hair was dry in less than 7 minutes. I kid you not, I timed it. While my hair felt dry I knew that the roots were damp specially in the middle. My hair in the middle has a thicker texture and the curls are tighter too. So I use the comb attachment to lift my roots and get them to dry completely. I only use my style on my washed hair, I never use other products as they tend to create a while film on my hair that later looks like dandruff, ugh!

Here are some close up shots so you can the curl pattern and I have absolutely no frizz. I made sure to take these shots the day after so you could that even after a night of sleep, my tiny curls were popping with almost no frizz.

If I’m not pressed for time I usually don’t use the highest heat setting with this dryer. I also use the basic attachment, when I don’t really care to disturb the curls or when I’m straightening my hair. I also trim my own hair and to get it right, I always do it on straight hair. Also keep in mind that with doing weekly wash and gos, I make sure to deep condition my hair after each wash. Usually by day 2 or 3 I will spray water in my hair to keep in moisturize and sometime use a light daily conditioner. My hair tends to be dry so I have to watch out for that.

this is my hair a couple days later, I’ve worked out so it’s shrinking.

Do you need the Dyson hair dryer?

It depends! It’s worth it for me because it makes my life easier, allow me to do my hair in under 30 minutes and now I never step foot in a hair salon. It also doesn’t cause heat damage and reduces frizz, these are my main concerns. I use mine weekly, sometimes twice a week but that’s rare. I am not at all a fussy person and I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time doing hair and makeup.

This is however a $400 hair dryer, if you often go to a salon then it’s not worth it in my opinion. To me this is for people who first can comfortably afford, do their hair at home, have very thick hair or coily hair like mine that are prone to frizz.

I believe there are plenty less expensive options out there. Before that, I had the GHD hair dryer and it was decent.

PS: this post is in no way sponsored.

The Only Black Friday Sale I Shop Yearly

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Was going to wait to post about this sale on Friday but I got an email yesterday saying that it could be shopped early so here ya go.

For the past three years I’ve skipped Black Friday sales except for the Missoma sale. To my knowledge this is their only sale of the year and for the past couple of years I’ve tried a couple of their pieces. I’ve been so happy with my necklaces, I wear them all the time and they are still in perfect condition. They don’t change color and I know I’ve applied perfume when them on. So this year I’m picking up a few more pieces since I can vouch for the quality.

If you are not a gold person, don’t worry they have almost all their pieces in silver as well. My favorite collection is the Lucy William and the Gemstones. Get everything 25% off with code VIP25.

Unfortunately I cannot get every single piece that I like but I did pick up a few and I’m sharing them all below.

Other sales worth mentioning in my opinion are: The Ssense one, lot of Chloe & Saint Laurent on sale, I’ve given this as a present before, they have my favorite little black bag on sale too. As usual I’m sure Shopbop also has a major sale happening soon. Saks and Neiman are both currently hosting designer sales.

Madewell also have 25% off, love their jewelry and totes.

J.Crew and J.Crew Factory for work basics.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be back next week.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfits

I had a totally different post scheduled for today but Gina asked me to join her in sharing some last minute thanksgiving outfits, of course I said yes. So make sure to check out Gina and Noelle for more outfits inspiration.

I planned these on the stylebook app, I was going out on Saturday and decided to quickly try them on for a better visual. Personally I’m looking for a very chill and relaxing Thanksgiving. To be honest I’m not too crazy about Thanksgiving food so I know I won’t be missing much.

If you are hosting or going to a family dinner with minimal fuss, I say throw on your favorite comfy leggings and your favorite plaid. I’ve had these spanx leggings for ages and now I have 4 Rails shirts, they are the softest. I’m in South Florida so my shoes would totally work, but you can swap them out for booties.

shirt // leggings // shoes // bag // necklace

If you want to look a bit more put together, your favorite white top, stretchy jeans and I added this fancy cardigan. I still want to be comfortable so I’m going with a pair of statement flats. Mine are long gone but I’m sharing similars below.

cardigan // bodysuit (under $100) // jeans // flats // bag // necklace

This is another comfy but cute outfit. These jeans are my stretchiest skinny style, so I know that even if I overeat, I’ll be able to breath in them. I recently got this stretchy turtleneck. The material is thin, so a great piece to layer under cardigans and sweatshirts. The booties were an old splurge for me but this year I’ve seen several similar options here and here.

cardigan // top // jeans // belt // booties // bag

Now for a fancier dinner, go with a dark floral dress, nothing too tight. This is fine for me but feel free to pair your dress with tights and thicker boots or booties.

floral dress // booties // bag // necklace

Everything I’m wearing and alternatives for sold out pieces all linked below. Thank you for reading and have a great day. Most of all Happy Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful for all of you who continue to read this blog after all these years.

May be back on Friday for a new post but don’t quote me on that but I’ll for sure be back next Monday.

Minimal Holiday Dressing

Happy Friday guys! I’m going to wrap up the week with my festive theme. On Monday, I shared a few items I owned and loved, that I think would make great gifts.

One thing I promised myself this holiday season, is to not buy any random holiday dress that I will only wear on NYE. Thankfully I invested in a couple of silk slip dresses and I plan on dressing them up, to make them work for any holiday festivities. If you do have a lot of holiday parties to attend and shopping your closet just won’t do, then I say use a service like Rent The Runway.

Look One: Dress // Coat // Sandals // Bag // Tights – The first look is made around my leopard print slip dress, I think dressing it up with shimmery tights and classic sandals, would give that glamorous and sexy look. Jazz it up even more with a faux fur coat to stay warm.

Look Two: Dress // Jacket // Sandals // Booties // Bag // Bralette – The second is all about a simple black slip dress, wearing a pretty bralette underneath that peaks through, makes the look sexy and fun. I’m in South Florida so I will probably go with these clear sandals (sidenote: I have this exact pair and they are so comfortable). Otherwise wearing them with suede pointed toe booties is another great combo. This look is more understated so make it more fun with a sparkly bag.

Items I’ve Bought & Loved that would make great Gifts

I’m not going to do a bunch of random gift guides this year and I honestly don’t want anything other than quality time with friends and family. If you are exchanging gifts and need a few suggestions, well I do have a few for you. These are all items I’ve purchased for myself and I’ve enjoyed them so much, so here we go.

Dining In // Nothing Fancy Cookbook: I got both of Alison Ronan’s cookbooks and love them. I honestly been exclusively going through them lately. If you know someone who loves to cook, this would be a perfect gift. Each are under $25. They also look great and would make awesome coffee table books.

These are all from Alison Ronan’s cookbook, the flakiest, yummiest biscuits. The anchovies tomato sauce, that I used with pasta. Best tomato sauce I’ve ever made.

L’Occitane Almond Body Balm // Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Wash // Bonne Mere Milk Soap: Not going to lie, I love luxe bath and body products, I got these when I had a L’Occitane coupon and I am obsessed. The bodywash is milky and has a great but not overwhelming scent, same with the soap. I still love the Almond line and this thicker body balm is so good. I’m running out and will definitely repurchase these.

Dyson Hair Dryer: This was a splurge for me and was worth every penny, I haven’t been to a salon in 3 years, so I could justify this purchase. I use it often and because of it I can style my hair right before going out. If you or the gift receiver have fine straight hair, then it may not be worth it, for thick or coily hair this is a life saver.

outfit with dainty gold jewelry
camel coat black top and jeans combat boots red bag winter outfit-1

Missoma Horn & Medallion Necklace: I’ve had these necklaces respectively for two and one years, I wear them ALL THE TIME! I don’t have any other Missoma pieces and if I lost them I would repurchase immediately.

Farmacy Set: Twice a week I use the Farmacy AHA serum and it’s my favorite, I’ve tried several other brands. This set is such a great deal and would make a great gift for a clean skincare lover.

Pat McGrath Labs Mini Eye Palette: I got a Pat McGrath Labs palette as a present and ordered a second one. They are the best eye shadows I’ve ever used. The palette looks quite fancy and would make a great gift for any beauty lover. I’ve tried their lipsticks too but the eyeshadow palettes are the real HIT.

I forgot to include them in my list, but Piecework Puzzles would make such a perfect and affordable gift. I already have two of them and I’m still tempted to get the other two in the collection. See my full review post here. I also think you can’t go wrong with gift-cards, I personally love receiving them because I like to be in control of the items I choose to bring in my life. There’s tons of things that I like but I don’t necessarily want to own most of them. So keep that in mind.

Thank you for reading and have a great week, I will be back Friday for another holiday themed post.