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Book Review April 2020

Hey guys! Lately I’ve only been into light and fun reads, nothing too heavy. I cannot remember the last non fiction book I read but that’s ok as these books have the best companions lately. So if you are in a similar mood, you will love this post. Ralph’s Party: Ralph and Smith are best […]

Book Review March 2020

Happy Monday! It’s that time again and we have a lot to go through, so let’s get to it. FICTION The Keeper of Lost Things: Anthony starts collecting random keepsake he finds after losing his own fiancĂ©. When he passed, he leaves his house and all the keepsakes to his housekeeper Laura, with the clause […]

Book Review February 2020

Happy Monday, it’s that time again and there’s lots to cover. Fiction Don’t you forget about me: This book started light and Georgina seems like kind of a mess, she didn’t finish college, wants to be a writer but never writes and works as a waitress in a crappy restaurant. One night, she loses her […]

My Favorite Activewear and Running Shoes

I didn’t buy any activewear for the over 2 years, finally at the end of last year I noticed that I needed a few new pieces. I am in workout clothes 80% of the time, so I’m hyper aware of uncomfortable tights and sports bras. Basically I hate anything that is overly tight because I […]

Book Review January 2020

Happy Monday! I’m excited for this review, this is everything I read for the last two weeks on December and so far in January. All these books are pretty different but interesting in their own way, so keep reading. Fiction Before I Met You: Betty’s grandmother Arlette passed away and at 22 she’s finally free […]