Category: Dressy Outfits

Birthday Outfit

Hi guys! I don’t have a work from home roundup today because I was off last week. It was so wonderful to disconnect, I also spent some time apart from my phone. I did a few posts but didn’t browse much, it felt so good that I need to go back to restricting my time […]

Minimal Holiday Dressing

Happy Friday guys! I’m going to wrap up the week with my festive theme. On Monday, I shared a few items I owned and loved, that I think would make great gifts. One thing I promised myself this holiday season, is to not buy any random holiday dress that I will only wear on NYE. […]

A Perfect Outfit – Minimal Chic

Hey guys! My vacation officially starts today, YAY! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. I managed to plan posts for while I’m gone, so it won’t be quiet here. I will however skip the newsletter next Sunday, I didn’t get to that. If I pull it together at the last minute, then […]

What I Wore

As always I don’t get to document all my outfits, sometimes I manage to take a mirror pic but sometimes I just don’t get to. Thanks to the Stylebook app that I’m still using, I at least have these handy to share. Wore this in New York and again in LA, both times I didn’t […]