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Four Things

I haven’t done a post in a while sharing random things I’m loving and I’m making an effort to do them more often, specially now that I’m not as active on stories. La MontaƱa Candles: My friends gifted me a gift-card for Net-a-Porter and and I needed new candles, I was intrigued by this brand […]

Weekly Update, 8.17.2020

I haven’t done a weekly update in a while so I thought I was due for one this week. Just a collection of random things I’ve been doing, eating, loving etc… This Butterflake herb loaf is one of the best things I’ve baked in a while and it was fairly easy to do. It’s based […]

I Am Exhausted

No fun weekly recap today, because your girl is emotionally exhausted you guys, I feel guilty about that but I am tired of seeing people who look like me killed in plain sight like they are nothing. I often look at the news and think, if this was happening to a dog, everyone would be […]

Weekend Note

Hope you are all doing well. I’m sure a lot of you are scared and anxious right now. Blogging has always been a fun escape for me, with everything going on right now, I’ve felt disinterested to talk about fashion, sales and such. Blogging is thankfully not my full time job and I am lucky […]

5 Podcasts I’m Loving

I did a post about podcasts back in 2017 so an update on the topic is way overdue. I’m often listening to an audiobook or a podcast on my morning walks or runs. Here are five that I enjoy listening to: The Read: covers hip-hop and pop culture. The hosts Kid Fury and Crissle are […]