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My Favorite Activewear and Running Shoes

I didn’t buy any activewear for the over 2 years, finally at the end of last year I noticed that I needed a few new pieces. I am in workout clothes 80% of the time, so I’m hyper aware of uncomfortable tights and sports bras. Basically I hate anything that is overly tight because I […]

Health & Fitness Update

Happy Friday! I am so excited to do this post finally. All year I’ve talked about wanting to eat less animal products and more fruits and vegetables. Mostly vegetables because fruits are sweet and I don’t need much convincing to eat them. I stumbled upon “What The Health” on Netflix and it was just the […]

Healthy & Fitness Update

Hey guys! I’m happy I kept these posts around because it is such a great way to track what I’ve been doing health and fitness wise. All year I’ve been taking about eating less animal products and I’ve been struggling to accomplish that, this is the great thing about having a blog, it’s a great […]

Health & Fitness Update

At first I was thinking on not doing these posts anymore but you guys voted to keep them on the survey so here we go. So a few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and it wasn’t pretty lol. I decided to tweak my diet a bit and try to lose those 8 pounds. […]