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My White Bedroom

Hey guys! This post is way out of my comfort zone, I love blogging about my outfits because I wear clothes that I love and that I’m comfortable in. Blogging about my personal space is different, I feel like I’m inviting you into my home and the introvert in me is feeling all shifty about […]

Ikea Hack Hemnes Nightstand

Hey Hey! I finally got my ish together and started working on some home decor posts for you guys. Picking out each piece for my new place was so hard, because finding exactly what I want is never easy specially when I need to do it on a strict budget. I couldn’t just go and […]

Millennial Pink Kitchen

If you follow me on snapchat you know one thing about me, I LOVE FOOD and I’m always cooking. Needless to say with my move coming up, while I’m still waiting to find a place to get most of my stuff I’ve already purchased MOST of my kitchen items. See I cook a lot and […]

Living Room Inspiration Board

FIND A NEWER VERSION OF THIS POST HERE Hey Guys! I have not done a home decor post in over a year but since I’ll be moving soon I’ve been obsessed with anything home related. I shared a couple in my newsletter, you should consider signing up for exclusive content. I shared a mild version […]