Category: Skincare

New Beauty Find : Vitamin E Oil

Happy Friday! I’m excited the weekend is here, I have lots of prepping to do and looking forward to next week in Nola. A few weeks ago I had a spa day which included a facial. I had some hormonal bumps and one of them left a pretty nasty scar. The¬†esthetician did an excellent job […]

July 2018 Beauty Favorites

Excited to have a beauty review up this month. Raise your hand if you are so over the painted eyebrows, 10 layers of foundation and concealer (I blame the Kardashians lol).¬† I’ve been trying to find my core products for my skincare needs, so that I don’t have to rely on makeup. it’s been going […]

May Beauty Favorite

So I started #pinksolereview on instagram as a way to share the beauty products I’m loving or not. It’s a quick honest review of products I’ve been using for at least 4 weeks. It’s easy to miss an instagram post so I wanted to also share them here. I’m hoping to do these monthly, unless […]