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Top 10 Spring Nail Polishes

pale pink (pink crush) || peachy (resort fling) || baby blue (porcelaine) || dark blue (go overboard) || deep green (going incognito) || apple green (apple & custard) || bright red (it’s raining men) || radiant orchid (between the sheets) || orange (jaffa) || nude  Hey ladies, with spring around the corner I am enjoying these fun nail colors. I currently have this orange on my […]

Beauty Talk

Over the last two months of 2013 I was really bad, I am slowly getting my good habits back. First I started taking better care of my skin again and my goal is to wear less make up during the summer because it gets so hot here. To clear out my skin as I still […]

Top 6 Fall Nail Polishes

Hi bombshells, so whether we like it or not summer is coming to an end. Well at least for some people, her in South Florida we are still blessed or cursed with the heat. I would love to live somewhere with all seasons just for Fall fashion. But of course I don’t let something as insignificant […]

Summer Beauty Routine

Hi guys, let’s talk beauty today. My beauty routine is very simple but being cursed with extremely oily skin, I mean YOUCANFRYANEGGONMYFACE oily. So during summertime, my face is a nightmare and on top of that I have dry lips. But thankfully I’ve found a few products that makes my life a whole lot easier, […]

Green Swirl

I am really trying to wear all my nail polishes and it’s really hard, because I have so many and I tend to wear the same ones over and over. I am wearing a green-ish hue from the Nicki Minaj collection for OPI, it’s called Did it on em. For a chance to win $500, […]