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Beauty Update

Hey guys! It’s that time again, I don’t these posts often unless I have new products that I feel you must know about. So I wiped up this one to avoid having to do one later with too much stuff, so this is what I’m loving lately. Bioderma sent me a few products to try […]

Favorite Products For My Natural Hair

Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been wearing my hair natural and everyone seems to love it more than my straight hair, to be honest I do too now. I went through a trial and error period to figure out what products worked the best for me. While my face is extremely oily, the rest […]

Hair with GHD Air

ghd Air HairDryer Hi guys! I know I don’t do a lot of beauty posts and that’s only because my routine is not all that special for both hair and makeup. A very awesome hair stylist usually does my hair but once in a while she is not available and I have to do it myself […]