Author: pinksole

Olaplex No 3 Review On 4C Natural Hair

Hey guys! I wasn’t going to post today but I purchased Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair yesterday and realized that I just finished my first bottle of Olaplex No3 and a review was needed. I ignored this treatment for the longest time because I assumed it wouldn’t work for my hair. I was […]

Everything I Want To Wear

Happy Friday! This past couple of weeks have been weird and I’m so happy it’s Friday. You know what time it is, to see these outfits as soon as I share them, make sure you follow along here. The look above is my idea of a perfect Summer outfit. That dress below is so pretty, […]

Favorite Quarantine Purchases

I had a blah week so I don’t really have any fun updates to share. I recently listened to a Bad on Paper podcast episode that was about favorite quarantine purchases. It was so interesting to hear what people have been loving. Since my favorites are so random, I thought that would be a fun […]