Author: pinksole

My Favorite Activewear and Running Shoes

I didn’t buy any activewear for the over 2 years, finally at the end of last year I noticed that I needed a few new pieces. I am in workout clothes 80% of the time, so I’m hyper aware of uncomfortable tights and sports bras. Basically I hate anything that is overly tight because I […]

Silk and Leather

I see that silk and faux leather are really in right now, and all the cute pieces coming out have been tempting me. I cannot tell you how many times I almost ordered faux leather joggers. I have a pair of faux leather skinny pants that I rarely wear, so I’m reminding myself that I […]

Blue Sweater on Blue Plaid Shirt

Yup! you get two outfits this week, do not get used to it. Out of nowhere, the temperature dropped below 40 degrees last week, needless to say we were not prepared. That morning, I had to cancel my outside run because I don’t have workout clothes for this type of weather. Thankfully, I was more […]

Neutral Monochrome

I loved this look Megan wore recently, I saved it a couple weeks ago so I could put together this post, then all this shocking news came out last week, I am personally very happy for them and cannot wait to see how this all unfolds. I’m sure you did not come here for this […]