Author: pinksole

Weekly Update, 6.15.2020

WEARING FEELING… Hey guys! As I said last week, I was not in a position to express what I’ve been feeling, to be honest, I am not very good at that overall but I wanted to try. This past week felt more normal to me, I could sleep and eat better again, unfortunately, whenever I […]

Everything I Want to Wear

Before buying anything, I always ask myself if this is an item I will be able to easily re-wear. With that in mind, I created this round-up. The best thing about having good neutrals, is that they can easily be re-styled for different settings as well. For example, I’ve been dressing down my work trousers […]

Book Review June 2020

I didn’t read much last week but I did manage to squeeze a few books these past four weeks. Let’s go over them All Adults Here: I loved this book so much more than I expected to. It’s a family drama and I realized that’s a topic I’m really into. Astrid lives in small town […]

Weekly Update, 6.8.2020

Wearing I’m not even going to try to unpack how I felt all last week so let’s move on. I do want to do things that are distracting like blogging and for me that’s a form of self care. The week prior to last, I did manage to get dressed a few times but didn’t […]

I Am Exhausted

No fun weekly recap today, because your girl is emotionally exhausted you guys, I feel guilty about that but I am tired of seeing people who look like me killed in plain sight like they are nothing. I often look at the news and think, if this was happening to a dog, everyone would be […]