I may have been slacking with my reviews but I have been reading. Lately, it’s more and more difficult for me to find books that really holds my attention but I really enjoyed reading every single one of these. There’s something for most in this post, whether you want a fun rom com, a deeper coming of age story , family drama or a drama filled thriller. Enjoy!

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld: I really look forward to reading this author, her books always feel like a good 90s rom com. In this one, Sally a writer for a “Saturday night live” – like show, gave up on love other than the occasional hook up. When she has to work with the musical guest of the week, it’s non other than the pop sensation Noah who has a reputation of dating models and women far more glamorous than Sally. She has a hard time admitting that there’s a spark between them and eventually blew it. Until, they are reconnected again during the pandemic. Such a cute love story. 4/5 Stars

Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano: This is another author I feel like I should read all her book. A 12 yo boy named Edward is the sole survivor of a plane crash with his family. He is then sent to live with his aunt who’s been struggling to get pregnant. The whole nation becomes captivated with Edward, this is such a moving coming of age story. This book was truly perfect to me. 5/5 Stars

One of us is dead by Jeneva Rose: A group of women in Buckhead with rich husbands, expensive homes and extremely competitive friendships have as much drama as Bravo’s Real Housewives. When one is dumped by her Politician husband for a much younger woman, chaos ensues and one of them winds up dead. This book is juicy and fun. 3.5/5 Stars

Maame by Jessica George: Maddie is the daughter of immigrants from Ghana and has way too much on her plate. She’s the primary carer for her dad who has Parkinson, her mom is in Ghana most of the time leaving her to manage everything. Her brother moved out a while ago, at 25 yo she doesn’t have much free time to have fun and date. When her mom comes back to London and ask her to move out, Maddie sees this as the opportunity to finally live a little. This story was so touching and I really loved the ending. 5/5 Stars

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth: Pippa and Gabe live in a lovely cottage near a cliff. Unfortunately, this is a popular spot for people looking to commit suicide, Gabe has been able to stop all of them so far. The last one he wasn’t able to stop her and Pippa found him in a suspicious stance after the woman went off the cliff. Things start unraveling when Pippa discover that the woman wasn’t a complete stranger. This book has so many layers, I really don’t want to spoil anything. Just go in blind, I loved it! 4/5 Stars

If we’re being honest by Cat Shook: This book made me laugh out loud many times. At Gerry’s funeral, the Williams family patriarch, his best friend delivers an interesting eulogy. Sending the Williams family into a tailspin, the kids, grandkids and cousins all have a lot going on, this funeral and worrying about their grandma just create even more drama. I always say that my favorite genre is unhinged family drama and this book delivered. 4/5 Stars