Leave The World Behind by Rumaan Alam: Amanda and Clay along with their two kids (a White family) are off to a beautiful rental in a remote area of Long Island to escape the city. On their second night, there’s a knock late in the evening. It’s Ruth and G.H. the owners of the house (they are Black). Amanda is apprehensive at first but eventually let them in. There’s a power blackout and they could not get into their place in the city, so they drove to their second home. Something is happening out there but they don’t know what. Their TVs and phones are no longer working, the next day Clay goes on a drive to get information but he gets lost and found a woman crying on the side of the road. One of the kids also gets sick mysteriously, they are not sure if they are safer here or if they should venture out. I loved this book! 5/5 Stars

The New Neighbor by Carter Wilson: Aiden Marlowe’s wife just passed away and on the day of her funeral, he finds out that he won the Powerball. He then decides to move into a new house in a wealthy neighborhood and almost immediately weird things start happening. He starts receiving threatening letters. His dad moves in with him to help with his kids and Aiden is also not in great shape, he is grieving his wife and can’t get over the passing of his brother from years ago. This book was such a ride. 3.5/5 Stars