Hey Hey! I’m so late with this review but I’ve been in a reading funk to be honest, I’m slowly getting out of that. Here is what I’ve read in January. Happy New Year!

All the dangerous things by Stacy Willingham: Isabelle’s son disappeared a year ago while she was at home asleep with her husband. She is sharing the story of her son’d disappearance in the hope of keeping the public’s attention but she’s honestly spiraling and her marriage is over. When she is approached to tell her story on a popular true crime podcast, she is hesitant at first but eventually convinced when she thinks of the attention her story will receive. Isabelle is also not sleeping and has a complicated past, she doesn’t really talk to her parents and the beginning of her relationship with her now ex, was a tad complicated. This was a fun read for me. 4/5 Stars

Spare by Prince Harry: First, I highly recommend getting the audiobook version of this. Harry’s memoir was exactly that, him telling his own story. I really enjoyed reading it, except for the second part that was a lot about war. What I gathered from this book is that he went to therapy and his family didn’t, so they are more likely to want to keep up with the status quo. I do not in any way think he is without fault, the system he came from gave him a lot of privileges but also has some downside. His father and William benefit and are also victims of said system and Harry just decided to choose a different path and I honestly cannot fault him for that. 4.5/5 Stars

All her little secrets by Wanda M. Morris: Ellice Littlejohn’s life takes a turn when she finds her boss dead in his office, the boss with whom she was having an affair. She has to maintain her composure and is soon offered a major promotion. This is huge for her career as she will be the first Black employee at that level but she is pretty much rushed into accepting the position and the detective on the case is paying close attention to her. Ellice is struggling to keep this life she created for herself in order as she has a past that she’s trying to keep hidden. 4/5 Stars