I’ll Be You by Janelle Brown: When Sam is called back home to look after her niece, she starts getting concerned but no one else seem to be. Her twin sister Elli is off to some retreat and is not responding to any messages. Sam starts looking into Elli’s life and a few things are not adding up. I’ve been happy with every Janelle Brown’s novel I’ve read, this was such a creative story. 4/5 Stars

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin: Liv keeps waking up in random places and cannot remember her past. When she starts putting together that she might be responsible for a murder, she is now running from the police. This was an ok read, the beginning was a bit slow and the protagonist was clueless at times, which was frustrating to me. 3/5 Stars

The Housemaid by Freida McFadden: Nina Winchester has a very volatile personality and her housemaid can’t predict her moods. She’s doing her best to keep up with her work but Nina is constantly throwing curveballs at her, her growing attraction to Mr Winchester, isn’t helping. This book had such a nice twist and I could not put it down. 4/5 Stars

Split by Sharon Bolton: Felicity gets a letter while on assignment somewhere remote in Antarctic island of South Georgia and immediately freaks out as she must flee. She has been living in fear and unraveling for the past few months. She’s terrified of Freddie, her ex husband. He’s been released from prison and is trying to get back in touch with her. This was such a wild ride. 4/5 Stars