The Last Mrs Parrish: I know I’m so late to this but wow. Amber is tired of not living the life she feels she deserves. So she plans this elaborate scheme to take down Daphne Parrish and land her rich husband. All I can say is, be careful what you wish for. 5/5 Stars

Wrong Place Wrong Time: Jen is waiting up for her son Todd after a night out but has an uneasy feeling. When she finally sees him coming home from a window, a man is approaching him and Todd stabs the man. Jen doesn’t understand how her sweet natured boy committed a murder but ever since she keeps waking up before the murder took place and still struggling to understand how Todd got there. This book was incredible, I could not put it down. 5/5 Stars

Daisy Darker: Daisy and her family all got together to celebrate her Nana’s 80th birthday on the island where she lives. Her Nana is also finally revealing her will as a successful children’s book author. Daisy doesn’t have the most loving family and they all have their secrets. But things start to unravel when Nana is found dead at midnight with a weird message left in the kitchen. Someone seems to be going after the entire family. 5/5 Stars