The Maid by Nita Prose: My friend Gina told me to read this and I’m so happy I did. Molly works as a maid at a fancy hotel and just discovered the dead body of one of the hotel’s regular guest. She calls for help but Molly has a hard time reading social cues, understanding sarcasm and such. So she gets caught up in the investigation as the death is suspicious. The first few chapters were a bit slow as I went into this blind, but it totally picked and was such a heart warming story after-all. 4/5 Stars

Mad About you by Mhairi Mcfarlane: I’m now a big Mhairi fan and always read her novels. This new one did not disappoint, Harriet is a wedding photographer and at her latest job the groom Cal, ended up changing his mind. Harriet definitely has some commitments issues so when her boyfriend proposes, she rejects him. Now single and in need of a new place to live, her new landlord is Cal, the groom from her previous job. This doesn’t go over well with her ex fiancé and Harriet can’t seem to avoid drama. There’s some talk of emotional abuse in this book but it was a beautiful story and a pleasant read. 5/5 Stars

Meant to be by Emily Giffin: All I have to say is this book is JFK Jr and Caroline Bassett fan fiction and I loved it! 4/5 Stars

The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell: This is the sequel to the Family Upstairs, reviewed here. But it can also be read as a standalone book. When officer Samuel comes a gruesome scene of the discovery of human bones, he later learns that the bones are connected to the cold case of the Chelsea mansion group suicide. He is determined to uncover the truth of what really happened that day and must find the teenagers that went missing back then. Libby , the baby that was found in the house over 20 years ago, currently owns the mansion and can’t seem to keep her story straight. Not going to lie, I was nervous at the beginning of this book but I could not put it down at the end. 5/5 Stars