Can’t Look Away by Carola Lovering: Molly and Jake met in their early 20s and the attraction is instant. Jake is in a band and he ended up writing a song about Molly that blew up through the charts. Currently in 2022 Molly is married to Hunter, have a daughter and is struggling to get pregnant again. She no longer lives in New York and is struggling to make friends in her new town, until she meets Sabrina and they hit it off instantly. Sabrina is conveniently running into Molly and it’s clear she’s up to something. I liked this book and the ending was satisfying. 3/5 Stars

That Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner: Sarah spent 2020 quarantining in New York with her kids, husband, step daughter and the latter’s boyfriend. Her husband has completely checked out for the past year and now her young step daughter is engaged at 23. She cannot get through to her husband Eli and ends up getting a studio for some alone time. Meanwhile, her twin brother Sam is embarking on a new life. Eli is distraught because a past mistake is finally catching up with him and he doesn’t know how to confess it to his beloved family. This book had so much family drama, I audibly gasped at some point. It starts slow but definitely stick with it. 4/5 Stars

US by Terrence Real: This book is about how to have better loving relationships but it was so much more than that. In it, Terry explains the concept of the Adaptive Child and the Wise Adult. The Adapting Child is the part of us that reacts based on strategies developed as children to deal with trauma. Wherever you are in life I feel like this is a must read, don’t be put off because this book is in the Marriage section. It will perhaps help you to better understand yourself, your family, friends etc… I think this would also be an amazing read for parental figures. I found this author by listening to the Ask a Matchmaker podcast, I loved his interview so much that I decided to get his book and it did not disappoint.

The House Across The Lake by Riley Sager: Casey is a widowed actress and an alcoholic. Her mom banished her to their lake house after she showed up drunk at work in order to keep her out of the tabloids. Casey is still drinking heavily and picked up a new hobby, spying on her new neighbors with her late husband’s binoculars. Now she is convinced something fishy is going on with her neighbors and doesn’t trust the husband. This story was so convoluted so I’m not sure how to feel about it. So I say read a your own risk lol. 2/5 Stars

Things We Do In The Dark by Jennifer Hillier: Paris is arrested covered in blood for the murder of her husband, famous comedian, Jimmy Peralta and is currently being escorted to jail. It looks bad but Paris is more concerned about all the media attention around her, she has another secret that may destroy her life even more. This book was simply incredible, I will read anything Jennifer Hiller writes. 5/5 Stars