A Flicker in the Dark: When Chloe was twelve years old, teen girls in her neighborhood started disappearing. Her Dad ended up being the serial killer behind these awful murders. Now years later, she’s a psychologist and young girls start disappearing again and this all feels very familiar. I had to keep this brief to avoid spoilers but I could not put this down. The plot was fast paced and well thought out. Loved it! 4.5/5 Stars

Black Cake: After her passing, Eleanor leaves her two kids Byron and Benny a weird inheritance. The real story of her life, as they are grieving their mom’s passing, they are also realizing there’s so much they didn’t know about their parents. Byron and Benny were not on speaking term before the passing of their mom and this story is about to shock their world even more. This book was incredible, it’s a long story but I did not mind one bit because it was captivating. 5/5 Stars

The Paris Apartment: Jess is set to come live with her brother Ben for a fresh start, but he is not answering her calls upon her arrival. She finds a way to get in his apartment, but he’s not around and his neighbors don’t seem too thrilled to have her sniffing around. I really enjoyed this book, it was my first time reading this author. I think it’s worth the read but a lot won’t make sense in the beginning and middle of the book, but at the end the author wraps up all the loose ends. 3.5/5 Stars

Nine Lives: If you know me, you know how much I enjoy reading Peter Swanson and his latest did not disappoint. Nine strangers receive a letter with a list of nine names, their own included and they have no idea what it all means. One of them is an FBI agent and she starts reaching out to as many people on the list as possible. Things get scary when people from the list start dying. This was a fast paced and quick read, I could not put it down and finished it in 24 hours. 4/5 Stars

Wahala: A group of friends in the UK with Nigerian roots are all in different stages in their lives. Boo is married to Didier and have a daughter, she’s not enjoying motherhood or being a wife at all. Simi is fabulous, works in fashion and has an adoring husband who works in New York that’s dying to start a family but she’s not quite ready yet. Ronke is single and dating, after a series of failed relationships she hopes her current boyfriend is the one as she deeply wants to have a family. Things take a turn when a long time friend of Simi joins the group and starts causing trouble for all of them. I had to practice great restraint to not spoil this book, go into it blind like I did and enjoy! 4/5 Stars

Meant to be Mine: I’ve loved following Hannah Orenstein on instagram, she recently wrote an article that went viral on the cut that really resonated with me. So I was excited and nervous to read her latest novel. To be honest, I was scared that I wouldn’t like, thankfully it’s one of the best modern romance novel I’ve read in a while. I love romance novels but they can quickly seem formulaic after you read a few, well not this one. Edie is stylist that knows the exact date she will meet the love of her life, thanks to her grandmother Gloria who has a gift. Gloria also successfully predicted when other family members would meet their true love. On said day, Edie meets Theo on a plane and they chat the entire flight. However, once they land he fails to ask for her number and they simply part ways. On her return flight, she runs into him again and makes sure to initiate that they keep in touch. Edie is convinced Theo is her true love and is set on making it work. She’s still thinking about her ex Jonah on occasion and is not sure what the future holds for her and Theo as they don’t really seem to want the same things out of life. This book comes out in June and I highly recommend preordering as this is a great way to support authors. It was really a delight to read and I finished it in a day. 4/5 Stars