best books i read in 2021 pinksole blog review

My reading in 2021 was all about quality over quantity. In 2020, a lot of my reading was about distracting myself from the pandemic. Here are my favorites that I think you should read if you haven’t already. All these books got a five star rating from me.

Beneath Devil’s Bridge: Trinity’s new true crime podcast is an instant hit and is making a lot of people uncomfortable. It covers the murder of a high school student that was settled but some believe the case wasn’t as straight forward. This was such a touching and sad story about the death of a girl that was an outcast in her community. The plot was excellent, I could not put it down.

This Time Next Year: Minnie and Quinn share the exact same birthday, but Minnie is convinced her birthday is cursed. The two live very different lives but can’t seem to stop running into each other. This was such a cute rom com.

Apples Never Fall: This book is about a family coming together after the mom goes missing. The parents were struggling a bit after closing their business, now their four kids are not sure how worried they should be. I was obsessed with that book, could not put it down.

Malibu Rising: I’m a Taylor Jenkins Reid‘s stan and I’ve read all her books. Her latest did not disappoint and is another amazing story about unusual family dynamics.

No One Will Miss Her: The premise of this book is a bit crazy but the story was so well laid out and kept my interest from beginning to end. It’s the best type of books to go into blind.

Every Vow You Break: Peter Swanson is another author I always read. Abigail married a very rich man but something seems off on their honeymoon location, it’s a super exclusive and private place and doesn’t seem to have a lot of women on premise.

The Night She Dissapeared: Lisa Jewell is another favorite and I need to do an entire post about her books. Her latest was just as good, a young woman disappears with her boyfriend one night, leaving behind their baby. Everyone thinks they ran away from their responsibilities but her mom is not convinced.

The Sixth Wedding: This is a sequel to 28 summers, that’s one of my all time favorite Elin Hilderbrand books. This sequel gave me all the closure I needed and was a lovely short read.

Little Secrets: Marin has an ideal life, married to her successful college sweetheart and has an adorable son. It all goes left when her son is kidnapped, a year later, Marin is still reeling from this tragedy and is losing hope and her marriage is on the rocks. This book was such a wild ride.

Please feel free to share your favorite reads of 2021?

xoxo Rachelle