Hi guys! I’m baaaack! Although I didn’t miss fashion blogging, I did miss having a place to write my book reviews and I’m so sad I didn’t save the old ones. I love to read and love having a dedicated place to write my reviews and go back to read how I felt about a particular book. I tried using instagram for that but it just wasn’t the same. If you were familiar with the previous iteration of Pinksole, this one will be a lot different. While I love fashion, skincare etc.., that content will mostly remain on insta.

To all my fellow bibliophiles, welcome! I am so excited to have a place to share my latest reads, favorite authors and more. Let’s get into my what I read in November.

One by One by Ruth Ware: Believe it or not this was my very first time reading Ruth Ware. Snoop is a London based tech startup, the team behind this company is on a retreat in the French Alps. There’s definitely some tension as they have a huge buyout offer and not all the shareholders are eager to sell. When an avalanche hit, leaving them without access to the outside world, it gets even more eerie. One member seems to have gotten killed in the avalanche while on the slopes, later another commits suicide, they are getting more tense and some are even suspecting these events are all related. This kept my attention and definitely got a bit too crazy for me. I don’t want to spoil it for you. 3.5/5 Stars

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams: Eva is a single mom with chronic migraine and a bestselling erotica writer. When she runs into Shane “an acclaimed novelist” at an event, she is rattled as he was the young man that broke her heart 15 years ago. This book takes you back to their relationship then and their unexpected reunion in the present. This was such a delight to read and was so incredibly well written. Loved it! 4.5/5 Stars.

Final Girls by Riley Sager: This was my second time reading Riley Sager and I love a dark and twisty thriller. Final girls are women that survived horrific massacres. Quincy survived one 10 years ago and is now a member of that infamous club. She’s trying to move on with her life and focuses on her blog and relationship, when you look closely there’s some cracks in the pristine image she’s trying to present. All goes to hell when the first Final Girl, Lisa, is found dead in her bathtub and the second, Sam, finally comes out of hiding. Prior to that she was keeping a very low profile. Since having Sam in her life, Quincy fragile composure is quickly going away, her life is a mess and they are not sure Lisa’s death was truly a suicide. I honestly didn’t really like this book. I’m in the minority, I know, so read it at your own risk lol. 3/5 Stars

No One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosenfield: Lizzie is found dead in rural Maine and her husband Dwayne is missing. Lizzie was not loved by her community and everyone blamed her for her Dwayne’s failed career in baseball. She was also renting her place to outsiders which was a no-no in her community. The detective working on the case quickly makes a connection with Adrienne, a gorgeous influencer, she and her husband were renting Lizzie’s cabin as a way to escape after his legal troubles, making them a pariah of their big city circle. Although from very different backgrounds, Lizzie and Adrienne got close, now the detective is trying to understand how Lizzie ended up dead, where’s her husband and most all what’s Adrienne role in all this. I could not put this down, an element of this book is kind of ridiculous but I absolutely loved it. Trust me there’s a very fun twist, wink wink. 5/5 Stars

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller: Elle is 50 and happily married with 3 kids. She’s spending the summer with her family as she’s done her entire life but this time it’s different. She sleeps with her old friend Noah, he is married as well. She now has to decide if she wants to blow up her life and marriage or let Noah go. They’ve been friends for years and have always loved each other. Noah is also the only person that truly knows about what she went through as a young teenage girl. This book was told from Elle’s present and past, it was so touching and I could not put it down. 5/5 Stars

Thanks for reading, please do share if you’ve read anything amazing recently.

xoxo Rachelle