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Book Review August 2020
Everything I Want To Wear
Monday: top // pants // sandals

Hey guys! I was back to thinking if I should keep blogging, but I realized that I just have to adjust as my life changes. I spend a lot more time at home and I also work from home so I don’t have work outfits or going outfits to share.

I set up a new routine because I was feeling down the past few weeks. I started working out in the morning before work, to give my day a better structure. After my workout, I shower, do my skincare routine and dress for the day. That’s a simple change but it really gives me a sense of normalcy. I cannot promise 3 posts weekly but I’ll keep blogging for now. I really need this outlet, specially nowadays.

Since I’m spending so much time at home, part of me wishes I had more loungewear and activewear but I really don’t want to spend my days wearing them. So I’m putting my entire closet on rotation to make sure I wear everything. Except for more formal or going out clothes that I have no business wearing at home. I will try my best to a similar item for my old clothing.

Tuesday: necklace // top //pants // sandals

Since I committed to dressing up everyday, I quickly realized there’s several pieces in my closet I have no plan on wearing again and I know I would not purchase if I was shopping right now. I also really want a smaller closet made of pieces I really enjoy wearing. So I’ve purged over 50 pieces, which is insane considering how much clothes I have left. I love following A Small Wardrobe and she’s a great example of great style with a small closet.

Wednesday: tee // skirt // sandals
Thursday: shirt // jeans // sandals
Friday: necklace // tee // skirt // sandals

Weekend Style

This time, I also included some weekend looks I wore recently.

Sunday: Shop HERE
Saturday: tank // skirt // sandals
Saturday: necklace // tee // shorts // sandals
Saturday: necklace // tunic // leggings // sandals

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Book Review August 2020
Everything I Want To Wear