Everything I Want To Wear
4 Favorite Lululemon Pieces
outfit with short navy wrap dress
Monday: Dress // Sandals // Necklace

Hey guys! Working on my blog posts and reading has been a great source of escape for me. For my mental health I had to put myself in a bubble of work, books, exercise, roller skating, podcasts and tv shows. I said a while back that unfortunately I wasn’t hopeful and had little faith in this world and it seems to be working hard to prove me right. Somehow we have to find a way to go on, reading about how Chadwick Boseman has been battling colon cancer for the past four years and manage to work on so many projects, it’s sad and so inspiring. So many of us are dealing with very obvious issues and some that most cannot see.

This is a short workweek for me and I’m very excited for that. I’ll make sure to get in some beach time and sleep in every single day. It may not be my ideal vacation but I’ll try my best to enjoy it.

This is an old ASOS dress that I never tire off. On a whim, I’ve paired in with heels for a going out look when you know, we could have a normal social life.

casual outfit with ringer tee and citizen of humanity jeans.JPG
Tuesday: Tee // Jeans // Sandals

Last week, I have a rough Monday. By Tuesday, I was over it and just wore jeans and a tee. These jeans are a classic, the kind that you wear over and over.

Some more cute ringer t-shirt

casual outfit with stripe embroidered dress
Wednesday: Dress // Sandals

I don’t have a lot of easy dresses and really wouldn’t mind a few more, but I’m picky and the ones I like are usually far too expensive. In the meantime, here a few cute ones.

casual outfit with knit tank and levi's mid length shorts
Thursday: Shop HERE

These shorts and sandals are the ones I mentioned in last week’s post. In the shorts I picked a 28 and the sandals an 8. Both are great classic pieces that I know I will get lots of wear out of.

casual outfit with wolford jamaika bodysuit and mis los angeles mini skirt
Friday: Bodysuit // Skirt // Sandals // Necklace // Earrings

I love Misa Los Angeles mini skirts and have two of them. The are really cute and can easily be dressed up or down. They currently have three styles available…

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Everything I Want To Wear
4 Favorite Lululemon Pieces

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