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How I Use Deviant Skincare Cleansing Concentrate

I had a blah week so I don’t really have any fun updates to share. I recently listened to a Bad on Paper podcast episode that was about favorite quarantine purchases. It was so interesting to hear what people have been loving. Since my favorites are so random, I thought that would be a fun post.


I’m starring at two giant screens all day and my eyes get so tired and I get migraines. I don’t know why it took me so long to get these glasses. They are a life saver and I haven’t had a migraines in a while, so it was a great purchase in my book.


I am having a hard time drinking enough water daily, seeing this bottle it on my kitchen counter is a huge motivation. It has marks to stay on track throughout the day.


I never used my patio before quarantine, I got this chair and it’s been a good spot to read or have breakfast on weekends. It’s also a recliner so a perfect chair to chill and be outside.


I got this to enjoy at home facials and I use it every weekend. It’s officially part of my Sunday afternoon routine. It open up your pores making my mask way more effective.


I got this inexpensive book to really learn about bread baking and it’s been so helpful. Now I can pretty much just look at the list of ingredients and know what to do. It also comes with lots of great basic bread recipes. I also got this bread knife and nonstick bread loaf pan. These have been on heavy rotation.


I haven’t had a pedicure since February, I wanted a foot basin but something that doesn’t take up much space. This is perfect! After each use I just let is dry, then fold it and put it in a closet.


I got this foot soak to use with my new basin. I put it in hot water and usually enjoy a soak while watching a show. After it’s really easy to clean your nail. My toe nails have been thriving since I stopped painting them. They are not all clear and neat, I love this look.

What have you purchased and loved during quarantine?

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Everything I Want To Wear
How I Use Deviant Skincare Cleansing Concentrate

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