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Weekly Update, 7.13.2020
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It’s that time again, I am so excited for this month’s review because there’s so many gems in this round up. Hope you find your next great read in this list, let’s do it!

Party of Two: Olivia just moved back to LA from New York to start her own law firm with her friend. One night, she meets Max and they instantly bond over their love of cakes and pies. When they accidentally run into each other again, Max makes sure to get her information and they must come clean, because they were both kind of hiding their real identity. Max is a high profile senator and is not looking for a fling, unlike Olivia. He’s great, but Olivia is having a hard time seeing herself in his world. However, they have very real feelings, so will they be able to work out their differences. I honestly recommend reading ALL Jasmine Guillory books, I’ve read them all and they never disappoint. Verdict: 4 Stars

If I Had Your Face: I was excited to read this mostly because it’s about a culture that I know mostly nothing about. It’s set in modern day and follows the life of 4 women in Seoul, Korea. Kyuri is gorgeous after getting a lot of plastic surgery and works at a salon where she gets to brush shoulders with some of the elite of Seoul. She’s calculating but makes a mistake that gets her in a lot of trouble with her madam. Miho is her roommate, she’s an artist that studied in New York. She has a rich boyfriend that Kyuri doesn’t trust at all. Ara lives in the same building as Kyuri and Miho, she works at a hair salon and is mute after a tragic accident, she also has a mild obsession with a K-Pop star. Lastly, Wonna is a newlywed, also in the same building, she’s not really into her husband and really wants a baby. She had a few miscarriages and is pregnant again but is not only worried about losing that baby but she’s also stressed about her boss is threatening to take her job away, if she takes her full maternity leave. These women come together and each may end up being the support the other needed. This book ended abruptly to me, but I think that was a sign I was enjoying it a lot. Verdict: 4.5 Stars

I Was Told It Would Get Easier: Jessica is a successful lawyer and single mom, she is stressed at work because they won’t make two of her very qualified protegés partner and her teenage daughter is unpleasant to say the least. On her way to a college tour with Emily, her daughter, she threatened her boss that she will quit unless her mentees are fairly treated. It is safe to say she is not starting this trip free of worries. Emily doesn’t share much with her mom and is worried that a scandal at school will get back to her mom. This was such a wonderful mother/daughter story. I remember myself as a teenager and I was probably as awful as Emily. Verdict: 4 Stars

Beach Read: January is 29 and grieving her father who unexpectedly passed away, she also found out her dad kept a big secret from her. She’s a writer and is having a hard time writing love stories with happy endings since, and her career is suffering. When she runs into Augustus a literary fiction writer she knew back in college, she makes a deal with to help her get our of her writing block. Through all that, January gets to grieve her dad and come to terms with his past. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

the vanishing half by brit bennett review

The Vanishing Half: This book is a classic and I was not at all surprised there was a bidding war over it, HBO won by the way or that it made the NYT Best Seller list in no time. It’s the story of two white passing twin sisters, who run away at 16 to New Orleans. One ends up in an abusing relationship and have to move back to her hometown. The other abandons her sister and go off to marry a white man who thinks she is White as well. Verdict: 5 Stars

One in a Million: This book was the perfect rom-com, a nice break between the heavier books. Annie runs an advertising agency with her best friend. The guys working in the same office trivialized her work and she accepts the challenge to make any random person instagram famous in 30 days. That person is Dr Samuel Page PhD, an historian that is extremely private and hates social media. Annie harassed Samuel until he agrees and they end up getting closer. Verdict: 5 Stars

Homegoing: This book is a masterpiece, it goes over 8 generations of two half sisters. One married a white man and the other is sold into slavery. Each generation goes through so much trauma, and this book broke my heart so many times but I did not for a second, regret reading it. Verdict: 5 Stars

One to watch: Bea is a plus size fashion blogger and has been in love with her best friend Ray forever. After an alcohol fueled night of watching Main Squeeze (a show equivalent to the bachelor) she writes a series of rants on twitter and a blogpost about the show’s lack of diversity that goes viral. When the show main producer reaches out to her, she has no idea it would be to ask her to be the next contestant. This would be a major opportunity for Bea’s career, so she accepts. Now the hard part if for Bea to be open and not let her insecurities and fears stand in the way of this experience. This was such a fun and modern love story, loved it! Verdict: 3.5 Stars

28 Summers: Mallory inherits a cottage in Nantucket at 22 and promptly leaves NYC to settle there. She agrees to host her brother’s bachelor party over labor day weekend and he brings his college mate Jake that Mallory has been flirting with over the phone. Mallory and Jake end up alone in the cottage and have a great weekend fling. Jake has to go back home and Mallory is not interested in a long distance relationship, so they agree to have a yearly fling every labor day weekend. 28 years later, Mallory has a son, Jake’s is married with a daughter but there yearly labor day weekend fling is still happening. This was such a great Summer read. Verdict: 4 Stars


Homegoing and The Vanishing Half are favorites for this month. Honestly, this was my best reading month so far this year, every book was so different and entertaining.

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Weekly Update, 7.13.2020
Briogeo Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfoods Hair Mask Review