Weekly Update, 6.8.2020

I Am Exhausted
Book Review June 2020


I’m not even going to try to unpack how I felt all last week so let’s move on. I do want to do things that are distracting like blogging and for me that’s a form of self care. The week prior to last, I did manage to get dressed a few times but didn’t get the chance to share any of them last week, I’ll try to post the rest on instagram this week. I was so hesitant about these J.Crew shorts and they are amazing. I got them in black as well and they can easily be dressed up and are not too shiny. I am wearing a size six. The reviews on them were not great, hence my apprehension but I personally think they are awesome and well made.


pic via Oma The Label instagram

I found out about this brand recently and they had a new launch on Saturday, everything was sold out in like 15 minutes. But I was able to snag these hoops and that ring, cannot wait! They will have preorder available today at noon est.


I am not a green smoothie person and last week I certainly did not eat well. When I’m upset, the first thing to go is my appetite. I made this smoothie as an easy meal to grab, I had the recipe saved after Reese raved about it. This makes a lot and gave me three servings. Kerry Washington said this smoothie is part of the reason she has such nice skin, I doubt but it’s packed with fruits and vegetables and that can’t possibly be bad for me.


Defending Jacob on Apple+ is about a 14 yo boy that is accused of killing his classmate that was found dead in a park. His parents automatically think he’s innocent and are doing everything in their power to prove his innocence but it’s a challenge. I finished that show before all this craziness started happening and my one thought about it was, this is what white privilege gets you. Because if Jacob was a black boy, he’s life as he knew it would have been immediately over.


It may sound sad or dorky but this book has been the highlight of my week. I got an advanced copy and my request for Jasmine’s books are usually denied, I was so thrilled I get to read this now.

Tomorrow is book review day, so come back for that.

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I Am Exhausted
Book Review June 2020