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Weekly Update, 6.8.2020
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I didn’t read much last week but I did manage to squeeze a few books these past four weeks. Let’s go over them

All Adults Here: I loved this book so much more than I expected to. It’s a family drama and I realized that’s a topic I’m really into. Astrid lives in small town with most of her kids, when she witnesses a terrible accident of one of her neighbors, it brings up some old not too favorable parenting memories. All her kids seem to be struggling one way or another and she is determined to make it right. Verdict: 5 Stars

Conversation with Friends: After watching Normal People on Hulu, I really wanted to read Sally Rooney again. The characters in this book are a lot like the ones in Normal People, very insecure and seem to think they are not at all lovable. Frances and Bobbi are best friends and exes, when they meet a well known photographer, Bobbi seems to be taken with her. While Frances is just in the background, when she meets the photographer’s husband Nick, the two quickly becomes flirty and start exchanging emails. Verdict: 4 Stars

Modern Lovers: I loved All Adults Here and wanted to read Emma again. Elizabeth, Andrew and Zoe were in a band together in college. Years later Elizabeth and Andrew are married with a son, and Zoe has a restaurant with her wife and a daughter. Elizabeth and Zoe has friendship that makes Zoe’s wife uncomfortable. The couples two teenagers also starts a summer fling that puts even more pressure on the adults. I don’t want to spoil this for you but I really enjoyed all the drama. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Glass Hotel: Another messy story that I fully enjoyed, I don’t even know where to start. Vincent works at a fancy isolated hotel, when it is vandalized. Someone wrote: “why don’t you swallow broken glass”, her brother Paul that also works at the Hotel is the main suspect and gets fired. Vincent leaves the job to play pretend wife to the rich Jonathan Alkaitis that is running a major Ponzi scheme. When he is busted, she disappears into the night and now Jonathan is slowly losing his mind in prison. This book may not be for everyone but I loved this messy and complicated story. Verdict: 5 Stars

Not That Kind of Guy: phew that was a lot of drama, so I went back to a lighter book and this was so cute. Bridgette is a lawyer and is forced to take Matt as an intern, who’s parent’s are very influential. She’s 5 years older than him but there’s immediately attracted to each other. After the internship, he accompanies her to a trip in Vegas, they got really drunk one night and things escalated. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Head Over Heels: Avery trained all her life to make it to the Olympic gymnastics team, but a major accident ends her career for good. She feels lost and spend the next 7 years partying with very little focus. She hits rock bottom when her famous football player boyfriend breaks up with her. She moves back home in an effort to start over and lands a job training a promising young gymnast. Her co-trainer and is an old crush Ryan, that used to be a gymnast as well. A major scandal break out in the gymnastic world and Avery and Ryan don’t seem to agree on what’s best for their trainee and their relationship suffers. Read this in two days, it was a cute rom com but it also tackled some of the metoo movement. So it wasn’t all cutesy and I loved that. Verdict: 3.5 Stars


All Adults Here and The Glass Hotel are favorites for this month. Honestly anything rated over 3+ stars is worth reading in my opinion. I have advanced copies of Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory and I Was Told It Would Get Easier by Abbi Waxman so I’m super excited.

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Weekly Update, 6.8.2020
Everything I Want to Wear