Everything I Want To Wear
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bodysuit // pants // sandals // short necklace // long necklace

I had a couple zooms this past week and I made sure to get dressed and do some minimal makeup. So happy, I’m off today, although I’ve been stuck home for the past 2 months, I do need a break from work. I wore this outfit earlier this week, I love this bodysuit and have it in 4 colors, the green was my last acquisition. These pants are old from Zara, these and these are very similar and on sale.


I got this good culture cottage cheese to try and it’s really yummy, on my next grocery trip, I’ll definitely get more. This is not a usual breakfast for me, but it was great and high in protein.

This is another reminder to follow Frank Prisinzano on instagram, his sticky garlic marina recipe is the BEST! I’ve made it several times and it’s always perfect and so easy to master. Check out his highlights for the recipe.


I saw these cute beaded bracelets here, I didn’t want to buy any since I knew I could make my own. I got all my supplies at fusion beads, watch this video if you are interested in learning. It’s so easy!


I was having doubts about Homecoming season 2 because the first one was so perfect but they did it again. The second season is just as good, I binged it in one day.

Remember if you are looking for some fun and light books to read, check out april’s and may’s book review posts, I’ve read a lot of fun ones lately. If you loved Normal People on Hulu and miss, make sure you read conversations with friends by the same author.

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Everything I Want To Wear
10 Kitchen Essentials

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