Weekly Update, 5.18.2020

Everything I Want To Wear
Two Great Sales: Saks & ASOS


On Sunday, I slept in, went for a long walk and did mat pilates. After I showered, instead of putting on leggings or sweats, I went for this pretty Shoshanna dress. I got it over a year ago on major sale and it made me happy to wear a pretty dress all day. This exact one is long gone but I found some pretty alternatives below. If you miss my fashion content, make sure to check out my new page here, where I share cute fashion finds daily.


Loofahs are gross and have to be changed every few weeks, they also hold a lot of bacteria. I was looking for a better option for a while, I was apprehensive to get this bath mitt because it’s $30 but it’s really amazing. You can use it on dry skin to exfoliate before your shower or bath. It dries really fast and is anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Best Amazon purchase I’ve made lately.


My sister sent me that recipe a couple weeks ago and I finally made it. It is delicious but I reduced the amount of sugar in the recipe A LOT. I subtracted a cup of sugar from the cake batter and same for the glaze. Lately, I’ve really enjoy baking decadent things to share with others.

These are Sarah Kieffer famous chocolate chip cookies. I got an arc of her new cookbook, I will probably buy the hardcover when it comes out, because I just love cookbooks. These are absolutely perfect, crispy on the side and soft on the inside.


Nobu’s miso marinated black cod is my favorite, I was in the mood for something similar. Except, I have white code fillets, but it still worked out pretty well. I used the marinade in this recipe, I didn’t have sake, so I used some white wine vinegar. It’s amazing over some white rice.

These are the Trader Joe’s kung poa chicken mochi balls and they are delicious. I had them for dinner with fried rice using chef Lucas Sin’s tutorial, it’s in his highlights. In mine, I used shrimp, kimchi and kale.


This show is so wonderful, I was hesitant to watch it at first, but one episode in, I was hooked! The entire cast did such an amazing job.

Remember if you are looking for some fun and light books to read, check out april’s and may’s book review posts, I’ve read a lot of fun ones lately.

How are you guys doing? Watched any great show or movie lately? Please do share, I’m currently in a rut.

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Everything I Want To Wear
Two Great Sales: Saks & ASOS