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My Top 10 Favorites from J.Crew
Weekly Update, 5.13.2020

I made huge mistake this past month, I read all these books and didn’t review as I read. So now I have to review over 10 books at once. So let’s skip the chit chat and get started.

A good neighborhood: Valerie is a professor raising her biracial son, Xavier. When a new-money family moves in next door, they don’t have much in common with Valerie, but things escalate when Valerie’s beloved Oak tree seems to be in distress with all the construction happening next door. To make things worse, a romance emerge between Xavier and the new family’s teenage daughter. I really thought this was a light read at first but it got dark and messy. I don’t regret reading it at all, it was a nice break from all the romance. Verdict: 4 Stars

Thirty Nothing: I’m so happy there’s still Lisa Jewell books I haven’t read yet. This is an old one, before she started writing thrillers. Nadine and Dig have been best friends for years, they met in school but stopped talking when Dig started dating another girl. Eventually, they made it back to being friends after that relationship ended, now in their early 30s, they are still very close. That is until Dig run into an old flame and Nadine is not at all thrilled about that. This is not my favorite ever from Lisa but I really enjoyed it. The characters were so dense, I wanted to hit them with a stick. Verdict: 3.5

Here’s looking at you: Anna is a beautiful 30 something with a great career. Unfortunately, she was overweight as a kid and had the worst time. She was bullied and she never forgot her crush and #1 tormentor, James. In current times, James seems to be a nice guy with a marriage on the rocks. When Anna runs into him, he doesn’t recognize her and they become friends, but can Anna ever fully trust him. I’m getting to really love Mhairi MacFarlane, she has that great British humor and her books, while fun always have depth. Verdict: 4 Stars.

First comes love: I haven’t read an Emily Giffin book in 10 years, I checked. Josie and Meredith are sister and very different. Josie is a free spirited first grade teacher, Meredith is a strict and focused lawyer, married with a young daughter. Their relationship deteriorated when a major tragedy hit the family. Now in their 30s, Josie is stressed because her ex’s daughter is one of her student, and Meredith seems to be unhappy despite having the perfect family/life. They can never seem to get along and they can never openly talk about the past. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Wedding Night: Lottie is at dinner with her boyfriend and is 100% sure he’s about to propose and she is ready. The dinner doesn’t end well to say the least, Lottie is spiraling out of control and took up with an old flame. Her older sister Fliss, knows her well and is determined to stop Lottie from making a big mistake no matter what. This book was hilarious! It would make such a funny movie, full of crazy twists and turns. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Surprise Me: Sylvie and Dan have been together for 10 and have adorable twin daughters. They know each really well, and can easily predict what the other is about to say. At an appointment, the doctor mentioned casually that they have another sixty-eight years to look forward to considering they are healthy and all. This leaves them both stumped, imagining having to spend another 68 years together. To fight the monotony of marriage, they decide to keep surprising each other, except, these surprises seem to be going terribly wrong and Sylvie is not even sure she knows her husband. Verdict: 4 Stars

In Five Years: I read the dinner list last month and loved it, so I was thrilled to read this and it did not disappoint. Dannie has her entire life planned out unlike her gorgeous and artistic friend Bella. On the night of her engagement, she totally predicted, she fell asleep once she got home and woke up 5 years later in a different home, with a different man and engagement ring. She’s freaking out but ultimately realizes her life clearly didn’t go as planned. She wakes up again in her current life and can never forget this weird flash-forward. I don’t want to spoil it but this is a wonderful book about love and loss. Verdict: 5 Stars

Big Lies in a Small Town: This is parallel story between two women. Morgan in 2018, who has to restore a mural. She was in jail because she took the fall for a crime she didn’t commit. In 1940, Anna Dale from New Jersey won a contest and gets to create a major mural in Edenton, North Carolina. As Morgan is restoring Anna’s mural, she becomes more and more fascinated by the artist. Along the way, we get to experience what Anna dealt with, by being a female artist in the 40s, specially in the South. I loved this book, it’s must read. Verdict 5 Stars

Take a hint Dani Brown: I love the Brown sisters and was so excited to get an Arc of book 2. Book 1, Get a life Chloe Brown is out and I loved it. Dani is a bi Phd student and is not looking for a serious relationship. She always have great banter with Zaf, the security guard at her university, so when he is captured rescuing her on video, they go viral on social media. In order to help Zaf’s side project, she agrees to be his fake girlfriend, since the viral video is bringing him a lot of positive attention. The thing is Zaf is already really into Dani, so this is not going to end well. I love that Talia Hibbert writes about such diverse characters, I cannot wait for Eve’s story. Verdict: 4 Stars. Thanks to netgalley for the copy.

Not the girl you marry: Jack is a not like his other millennial friends, he’s a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady. Hannah is a mixed girl, great a her job but unlucky in love. She is not in the best mood when she meets Jack but slowly get to enjoy his company. She feels bad having to use him for a promotion, little does she know, he’s also using her to get ahead in his career. They are both in the wrong but their feelings for each other are very much real. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The last book party: it’s 1987, Eve is an aspiring writer that never writes and work in publishing. She jumps at the opportunity to attend a party in Cape Code, thrown by famous writer Henry and his poet wife, Tillie. At the party, she meets their son Laine and they have a weekend fling. Only to hear later that Laine has a girlfriend. She goes back to New York but soon quits and take a position, working as a research assistant for Henry and gets invited to their annual book party, where each guest must be dressed a literary character. The party unravels and everyone’s dirty laundry get exposed. This book was so juicy! Verdict: 5 Stars

Undercover Bromance: Liv loses her job as a pastry chef after finding out her boss is a creep and now he is set to ruin her entire career. She has to agree to get help from Braden Mack, he’s powerful enough to help here fight her old boss. In the meantime, they are getting closer and Braden is convinced Liv is the girl for him but Liv has little interest in romance so far, only revenge. Verdict: 3 Stars

Girl gone viral: Imagine having a casual conversation with a stranger in a cafe, and you end up going viral when you despise public attention. Kat is mortified and wants to do whatever it takes, to keep her anonymity. When her gorgeous bodyguard Jas, offers to take her to his family farm to hide, she does not hesitate. This is also an opportunity to get to know Jas better and find out if her feelings for him are reciprocated. Verdict: 3 Stars

Big Summer: Daphne is stunned to hear from her old friend Drue, they had a fight that caused Daphne to go viral and now she’s a plus size influencer. Drue is begging to be back in Daphne’s life and wants her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Daphne knows it’s a bad idea but the beautiful, glamorous and rich Drue Cavanaugh is her kryptonite. I read this so fast and loved it. Verdict: 4 Stars


In Five YearsBig Lies in a Small Town and The last book party are favorites for this month. Honestly anything rated over 3+ stars is worth reading in my opinion. Currently, I’m reading All Adults Here and loving it so far.

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My Top 10 Favorites from J.Crew
Weekly Update, 5.13.2020