Weekly Update, 5.25.2020
Everything I Want To Wear

I’ve wanted to do this post forever but kept on putting it off because it’s impossible to share all my essentials in one post. These are the top TEN that I love and will repurchase immediately if something happened to them.

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  1. I have a big cutting board but often get annoyed when I just need to cut small things, I got these two mini ones and I use them way more. Since I’m always cooking for one, they are a lot more useful.
  2. If you like to bake, I highly recommend getting a kitchen scale. Instead of using measuring cups, I just weight all my ingredients. It is a lot more accurate and helpful in recipes like bread baking or cakes where measuring correctly is more crucial.
  3. I love this spatula, I added it to the list because I use it the most. It’s also super easy to clean.
  4. I hesitated getting these clear pyrex bowls, by they are really amazing. Love using them for baking and more and I use all three size equally.
  5. This Le Creuset round dutch oven is really a classic. You can use it for so many things, I can’t even list them all. My favorite feature is it can go from the stovetop to the oven. You can also get the set to save $$$, I have all of them. I love the cast iron pan to cook flatbreads or steaks.
  6. I have two of these spoon rests and they really help me keep my counter clean when I’m cooking.
  7. I used to always line with sheet pan with aluminum foil but these silicone non stick mats are so much better.
  8. This Stand Mixer is most recent purchase and I’m obsessed with it, from making pie crust, bread, cakes, cookies, I use it to the max.
  9. My mom said I needed this pressure cooker and got me one. I use it so much more than I expected. I almost never buy can beans, it cooks dry beans in 20 minutes. I use it to make a lot of things that require long cooking time in way less.
  10. I have this non stick set and it’s my daily cookware, not a day goes by without me using one of these.

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Weekly Update, 5.25.2020
Everything I Want To Wear

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