My Skincare Routine with Retinol
Book Review April 2020

Last weekend, I tried to keep busy and give myself some tasks, hence why I had three posts up this week. These topics came easily to me because they are the current things I’m doing. Don’t be confused, currently I can only wear two of these outfits, still this is what I wish I was wearing:

  1. To Brunch: top // jeans // headband // bag // sandals
  2. To Workout: sports bra // leggings // sneakers
  3. To Bed: cami // shorts // slippers
  4. To a Party: dress // bag // sandals

If the blog is more quiet next week, it will probably be because I felt like I needed a break. I can promise that I will have a book review post up because I’ve been reading a lot. With everything happening, I am giving myself a break, a break to take things as they come.

What I’m actually wearing…

lemon print pajama set

I hope you give yourself a break, whatever that means to you. You may feel like you need to be productive but these are not normal times. Therefore, do not worry if you don’t particularly feel productive. Stay comfy, count your blessings and take it easy.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by. Remember you can subscribe here to get my posts directly in your inbox.

xo Rachelle.

My Skincare Routine with Retinol
Book Review April 2020

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