Weekly Update, 4.28.2020

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Weekly Update, 5.5.2020

What are you guys up to? I feel like I’ve been constantly cooking and washing dishes. Hope you didn’t miss my post about everything I’ve been cooking and baking lately. I took Monday off, to just relax and it was glorious to have a 3 day weekend despite being stuck at home the whole time. I also finally scored a huge toilet paper and disinfecting wipes, so that’s nice. I just made sure to be at Target at 7:45 AM.

Buying Lately

I got my Sephora order (see original post), I’ve reviewed all these products before except for Olaplex No 3, I tried it this weekend and loved it so much that I ordered a backup one while the sale is ongoing. This is my first time trying Tower28 lipgloss and I love it, so much cheaper than my Chanel lipgloss and very good. After I swatched mine, my sister made me get her one.

I noticed Shopbop is having a sale 25% off sitewide with code FORYOU. I have all the below and love them.

Baking Lately

Still on a backing kick and recently got chef Dominique Ansel latest cookbook and made this scrumptious chocolate cake.

Watching Lately

  • I’ve been watching a lot more TV, I’m really into Westworld and Insecure, they both currently have ongoing seasons.
  • BlackAF on Netflix is just hilarious, I see it more as satire so I haven’t paid attention to the negative reviews I’ve seen on twitter.
  • I also watch The Morning Show and Oh my God, I’m glad I waited so long to watch it because I have a lot more time. It’s so so good.
  • I’m also starting season 2 of Ozark soon, this show is just so stressful but I want to get into season 3 soon.
  • I also indulge in a couple reality TV shows, I can’t get enough of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Reading Lately

I will have a book review post up in a couple weeks, but two books I recently read and loved are In five years and Big lies in a small town.

PS: Piecework Puzzles came out with a couple new puzzles and I’m so into them.

So how are you guys doing? Have you watched any great shows/movies or read a great book lately?

Designer Favorites on Sale
Weekly Update, 5.5.2020