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Hey guys! Lately I’ve only been into light and fun reads, nothing too heavy. I cannot remember the last non fiction book I read but that’s ok as these books have the best companions lately. So if you are in a similar mood, you will love this post.

Ralph’s Party: Ralph and Smith are best friends and roommates. When Jemima moves in with them, everything changes. Jemima is convinced Smith is the man of her dreams but Ralph is convinced he’s the right one for her. This book made me laugh so hard, I love old Lisa Jewell books. Verdict: 4 Stars

Such a fun age: Emira’s boss, Alix, calls her late in the evening to come watch her daughter Briar. At the store when Emira is accosted by a security guard, she is forced to call her boss to prove she is not a kidnapper. Of course Emira is a black woman. A bystander films everything and prompts her to share the video and file a complaint, but she doesn’t want to. Emira is 25 and not in a good place in her career, Alix is determined to ‘help’ Emira since the incident and get to know her. This book was very interesting, and a great read. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

What You Wish For: Samantha is a librarian in a great school in Texas, she loves her job, the kids, neighbors and landlord who also work at the school. When the new principle ends up being Duncan, the guy she was so infatuated with in her old school, she is panicking. However, Duncan is no longer the fun loving teacher she knew. He’s uptight, humorless and obsessed with school safety. When he starts making changes to the school she doesn’t agree with at all, she works out a plan to bring the old Duncan back. This was a cute romance that also tackled some deeper subjects. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Oona Out of Order: Oona is about to be ninetee and excited about the new year. She’s still deciding if she’s going to follow her boyfriend and their band or start university. After midnight, she wakes up but she’s actually 51 and disoriented but still very much nineteen on the inside. She’s not at her house and a stranger is telling her that he’s her assistant. This goes on and on, Oona leaps into a new year but not in a linear way. She sometimes leaves herself letters to herself to explain her current life and sometimes she doesn’t. These leaps make her a rich woman, since she knows the future and she strategically buys the right stocks. One year, she has a boyfriend she doesn’t know at all and another she has a husband. Every year is different and challenging in it’s own way, only her assistant and mom knows about her leaps and it’s always a struggle to try to enjoy her life as is. This book was nothing like I’ve read before Verdict: 4.5 Stars

The Last Time I Lied: Vivian is a painter, her current Forest themed series is doing extremely well. She went to camp when she was 13 yo and all the girls that were in her cabin disappeared and were never found. 15 years later she can’t stop painting them, so when she gets the opportunity to return to the same camp as an art instructor she takes it. As soon as she gets there, weird things start happening. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Dinner List: Sabrina once made a list of the people living or dead she would like to have dinner with. On her 30th birthday, as always she meets best friend Jessica for dinner and all the people on her lists are also there, including Audrey Hepburn. I loved this book because it was like nothing I’ve read before. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Worst Best Man: Lina is in line to get a dream job. On her first meeting with her potential new boss, she also run into her ex fiancé and his brother Max who played a role in her fiancé leaving her at the altar. She has her emotions in check and acts like this is the first time she’s meeting both of them. She has to collaborate with Max to get the job and gets to see a new side of him. Falling for her ex’s brother is not ideal. Verdict: 3 Stars

My Not So Perfect Life: Katie is finally living and working in London, but her life is not as glamorous as her instagram feed. Her boss Demeter however seems to have it all, the career, fabulous home and perfect family. When Demeter fires her with very little regard, she has to move back home and help her dad start a ‘glamping’ business. When her old boss is one of the guest, she takes it upon her to make her pay for treating her so badly. This was such a great comfort read, this is my favorite Sophie Kinsella book so far. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Wedding Date: Alexa meets Drew while stuck in a hotel elevator and he convinces her to be his pretend girlfriend at his ex wedding. It was suppose to be a weekend fling, but they can’t seem to stop seeing each other. Drew is not one to commit and Alexa knows she is falling for him. Jasmine Guillory’s books are all such great light reads. I only hope I read them all in the proper order. This is the first one she came out with. If you look up any of her books on this blog, you should be able to find a review. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Well Met: Emily was working to help get her boyfriend through law school, then it would be her turn to go finish her degree. Once her boyfriend got a good job, he proceeds to dump her because he doesn’t want to date a waitress. Emily relocate to Willow Creek to help her older sister and niece who were just in a car accident. She is also trying to use that time to figure out her life, her next step and get over her ex’s betrayal. Willow Creek is a small town and in not time Emily has new friends and a new crush. Verdict: 3 Stars

Good In Bed: Connie is a 28 yo plus size writer, she is witty and smart. She just broke up with her boyfriend Bruce and is outrage when she finds out he’s writing for a magazine, talking about what it’s like to date a big girl. Connie is mortified, angry and wants Bruce back. Don’t want to give much away but I loved this story. Verdict: 5 Stars

If I Never Met You: I looooved this book and could not get enough of it. Laurie is a 36 yo mixed race lawyer and has been with her boyfriend Dan since she was 18. She’s ready to have kids when Dan tells her he doesn’t want kids or a relationship. Laurie is gutted, the author honestly made me feel like I was going through the breakup as well. When her handsome coworker comes up with a plan to help him advance his career and make Laurie’s ex jealous, she is on board. But things don’t really go as planned. Verdict: 5 Stars

Certain Girls: This is a sequel of Good in bed, Connie is in her 40s and a mother. Her teenage daughter doesn’t seem to like her very much and is learning all about her mom’s wild past. Connie is desperate to be close to her only daughter while dealing with her husband change of heart about having kids. Not as juicy as Good in bed, but it was nice to spend time with these characters again. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Mrs Every-thing: Sisters Jo and Bethie grew up in the 50s with very strict gender roles. Jo is a tomboy and doesn’t get along with her mom at all and Bethie is everything Jo isn’t. She’s girly, pretty and wants to be a star. As their family go through tragedies and they each go through their own trauma, they end up with lives very different to what they envisioned. This is a more recent Jennifer Weiner book and I really loved it. It will inspire you to live your truth. Verdict: 4 Stars

Love her or Lose her: This is my second time reading Tessa Bailey and this was a cute and steamy romance. Loved that the characters from her previous novel made several appearances in that one. Rosie and Dominic are high school sweethearts and have been together for 10 years, while their attraction is intact, their emotional connection has vanished. Rosie is sick of Dominic’s behaviors and finally move out of their home. Dominic is willing to do everything to get his wife back. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Would like to meet: Evie Summers works for a film agency and their biggest client Ezra is taking forever to write his second screenplay. Evie is desperate to get him writing again to save her agency and get a promotion. Ezra is supposed to write a rom-com and he thinks this genre is beneath him. Evie promises that the rom-com’s meet-cute really do happen in real life and goes to recreate the most popular ones in real life to get Ezra inspired. In the meantime, she meets father/daughter duo Ben and Anette after they witness her fumbles at trying to recreate a meet cute. This sounded silly but it was so cute, I love British romance and they always have such great humor. Verdict: 4 Stars

Fumbled: I read Intercepted a while back and totally forgot to keep up with Alexa Martin’s Playbook series but I’m all caught up now. Poppy is a single mother working as a waitress at a nightclub. She was pregnant at 16 and her ambitious boyfriend T.K asked her to get an abortion. She didn’t follow through with the abortion and her parents kicked her out. Now at 27, she’s working hard to give her son Ace a great life. When she runs into T.K (who’s now a superstar football player) at her job one night, their spark is still alive and she struggles to tell him that she never got that abortion. Another fun read. Verdict: 4 Stars

Blitzed: This is the latest in the Playbook series, I think the next one will be out at the end of the year. In this one Brynn has always been attracted to the quiet and smart football player Maxwell. He keeps to himself but also seems to want to get closer to Brynn. She doesn’t do relationships but her attraction to Maxwell is one that she cannot escape or deny. But it’s hard to get rid of old bad habits. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

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What I Wish I Was Wearing
Sephora Spring Savings Event Picks

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