Three Casual Outfits I Wore Recently
Casual Work Outfit with J.Crew Going Out Blazer, Vince Tee, AG Jeans and Yellow Flats

Happy Monday! It’s that time again and we have a lot to go through, so let’s get to it.


The Keeper of Lost Things: Anthony starts collecting random keepsake he finds after losing his own fiancé. When he passed, he leaves his house and all the keepsakes to his housekeeper Laura, with the clause to find a way to return the keepsakes to their rightful owners. This endeavor changes Laura’s life and other. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Authenticity Project: Julian used to be a well known artist, now he’s a widow and lives alone. He is incredibly lonely and wrote his story in a notebook labeled the Authenticity Project, then leaves it at a coffee house. Monica finds the notebook in her café, she wrote down her own story and tries to come up with a plan to help Julian out of his solitude. This start a chain reaction of people finding the notebook and writing their own truth, creating a small community of friends who comes together to help each other out. I loved this book, it was so sweet and refreshing. Verdict: 5 Stars

The Kissing Game: Rena is a die hard romantic and is ready to quit her job at a dive bar to open her own hair salon. She is however pissed at Axel, the handsome german that keeps starring at her but won’t ask her out. Axel is somehow always involved in a brawl and Rena is not sure he is boyfriend material. Axel is however set to prove her otherwise. Verdict: 3 Stars

Maybe Someday: Sydney is pissed and homeless when she finds out her best friend is sleeping with her boyfriend Hunter. Her talented neighbor Ridge takes her in and she becomes the third roommate. Sydney is a good a writing music and soon Ridge hires her to write for his band. She is really attracted to him but he has a girlfriend. Needless to say they are in a very complicated situation. This was an ok read for me, I find that I’m more into Colleen’s latest books. Verdict: 2.5 Stars

Ugly Love: Tate meets Miles and is pretty much immediately attracted to him. Miles is interested as well but doesn’t want a relationship at all. They start a physical affair but obviously it’s getting more and more complicated. Miles is forced to face his past in order to move forward. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Antidote to Everything: Georgia is a urologist and unlucky in love. Her best friend Jonah is also a doctor and in major trouble with his practice, he caters to a few gay and transgender patients and they are being refused services in conservative Charleston, South Carolina . Georgia had a conference planned in Germany and leaves Jonah in the midst of all this drama, along the way she has a whirlwind romance but comes back home ready to help Jonah any way she can. I loved this book and I also recommend Kimmery’s other novel The Queen of Hearts. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Dutch House: Danny and Maeve are raised by their father Cyril in the beautiful Dutch House. Cyril ends up marrying a younger woman with her own two kids. Upon their father’s death, their stepmother kicks Danny out of the house and Maeve has to take him in. Maeve basically end up raising Danny and even in adulthood, they are forever fascinated by the Dutch House and all their memories. I think this book you either love it or feel meh about it. It doesn’t have any major plot twist, it’s just a great story. The audio version is narrated by Tom Hanks and I loved that. Verdict: 4 Stars

Commonwealth: I loved the Dutch House so much I had to read another by Ann Patchett. Bert Cousin is forever trying to stay away from his growing family. He shows up uninvited to Franny Keating’s christening and fell immediately for her mom Beverly. With that, two family are destroyed and the Cousin’s and Keating’s kids have to spend their Summer together, unsupervised by their parents who are caught up in their own drama. It takes a while to keep track of all these characters but just like the Dutch House, this one did not disappoint. Verdict: 4 Stars

Followers: It’s 2015 and Orla is a writer for a gossip website and not the published author she hoped she would be. She agrees to help her roommate Floss on becoming internet famous and they end up with a reality show, they are now big time influencers making lots of money. After a series of unfortunate events, overnight they are hated by everyone. This story is told in two timelines, now in 2051, Marlo is Floss’s daughter and her entire life is broadcast live. She has millions of followers who watches her every move daily. Every single thing she does is monitored and planned, she is not thrilled when she’s told she’s having a baby. She escaped when she learn some troubling news about her dad. I am trying really hard not to share the entire plot but this was such an interesting read. Very well written although the end was a bit rushed but it’s a long book, so I understand. This book is very relevant to our culture and maybe shows where we are possibly headed. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Other Mrs: I picked not knowing anything about it and it is bat shit crazy. Sadie just moved to Maine with her husband and 2 boys, soon after a neighbor is killed in her home. Sadie is automatically uneasy and feels unsafe. Is the killer still on the island, looking for a new victim? Is Sadie just paranoid? I cannot tell you anything else about this, just read it. Verdict: 4 Stars

Eight Perfect Murders: Malcom is a bookstore owner and once wrote a blogpost for his store called eight perfect murders. This list featured 8 books that depicted 8 well executed murders. One day while at work, he gets a visit from an FBI agent asking him about the list he wrote ages ago, telling him that there may be someone out there following his list and executing similar murders. Malcom is obviously very troubled by this and starts to feel like this person probably knows exactly who he is. Peter Swanson really has a gift for this types of novel, I loved this. Verdict: 5 Stars

You Are Not Alone: Shay witnesses a suicide on the subway tracks and cannot get over this tragic event. She is even unable to take the subway without a full on panic attack. When the press releases the name of the decease (Amanda), Shay looks her up and attends her memorial. Amanda friends take an immediate interest in Shay, even when her stories on how she knew Amanda are not adding up. Shay is drawn to this group of women and they are trying their best to make Shay’s life better by helping her any way they can. The thing is are they actually helping? This was such a satisfying read, I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, but it’s a good one. Verdict: 4 Stars

Our Stop: This one almost didn’t make it but I finished it last night and had to share. It is the cutest British rom com I’ve read in a while. Daniel overheard Nadia talking to her boss and is immediately impressed by her. He gets lucky and run into her on the train, but she is always distracted and he end up writing to her on the missed connection column. Thanks to her friend, she realized that it might be about her. But they can’t seem to be in the same place at the same time. It takes them months to actually meet but it is the cutest romance ever. Verdict: 4 Stars


My Friend Anna: Rachel the author got scammed by this fake heiress, I didn’t finish this, I feel bad for the author of course but it was just meh for me.

Radical Acceptance: Sometimes you stumble upon some a book at just the right time. I first heard about this on a podcast, then a friend told me she was reading it. It was a very therapeutic read for me and I plan on re- reading it again. Verdict: 5 Stars


The Authenticity Project and Eight Perfect Murders are my top two for this month. Honestly anything rated over 3 stars is worth reading.

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Three Casual Outfits I Wore Recently
Casual Work Outfit with J.Crew Going Out Blazer, Vince Tee, AG Jeans and Yellow Flats

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