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5 Items I'm Getting Rid Off in 2020
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I’m no sneakers novice but I’ve always struggled with high tops, I finally found a pair I loved and splurged on over the holidays. Last year, I sold two of my Golden Goose sneakers, so I did not hesitate to get these because I know I wear those sneakers to death. You guys know I love pairing skirts and dresses with sneakers, you get to be comfortable and still look cute and girly. As I was getting this post together, I stumble upon that one from 2017, I often complain that my hair doesn’t grow but that’s clearly not true.

These outfits are the best when you have to deal with South Florida’s heat waves. I wore this to have lunch with new friends I made from doing Pilates.

I wanted to give you guys several options to easily recreate this look, the majority of my items are older:

Tee: mine is from Everlane and I wanted it to be oversized. I’m wearing a small, if you want the oversize look, go with your regular size, but go down if you want it more fitted.

Skirt: long gone but this style is a favorite of mine. Misa Los Angeles makes the cutest frilly skirt (shop them here, here and here), you can easily score them for $50 or less on TheRealReal, but that takes dedication. I have a couple and wear them to death.

Sneakers: Golden Goose sneakers are a splurge, I always tell my friends if you only wear sneakers once in a while, then don’t bother purchasing a pair. There’s several more affordable options for when you feel like rocking a sporty look. However, if you plan on wearing them to death they are worth the money, the cost per wear on the ones I have are ridiculous at this point. I’ve also been able to sale old pairs for $250+, so for me they are 100% worth it.

Bag: that little bag is as plain as they come and that’s exactly why I like it. I don’t always want statement accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I think the monthly outfits roundup can sometimes be a lot to take in, so this year I’m planning on having outfit posts on a weekly basis again.

PS: I started a mini series called #FridayFavorites on the app, watch out for it every Friday morning HERE.

Cheers and thank you for stopping by.

5 Items I'm Getting Rid Off in 2020
Book Review January 2020