Everything I Wore in December 2019 & 2020 Goals

Most Worn Pieces of 2019
Best Buys of 2019

Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a great holiday, I know I did. It was so nice to have a proper break, I had almost two weeks off to relax and spend time with friends and family. I also got sick for a few days and thankfully I had the time to rest and get better. Unlike last month, I had a lot of time off so a lot more fun outfits to share.

I really don’t have any special resolutions or reflections for 2020, I just have a set of habits and values that I want to continue cultivating. My one goal for 2019 was to be 100% debt free and after dragging my feet in previous years, I finally did it! I did it by having a strict budget and carefully tracking my expenses. Now I check my spreadsheets almost daily, it’s really addictive. It sounds simple and it is, I just needed the discipline to make it happen. In 2020, I just want to save more and buy less. Do you have any resolutions? What did you accomplish in 2019 that you are proud of?

Now about these outfits, I wore the two outfits above respectively to dinner with friends and Art Basel.

The two below, I wore to hang out with friends that were in town and the second on my drive down to Key West, hence the big backpack. When I got to my hotel I dropped my bags and switch to a fanny pack.

I wore the below to work and to run errands. We had a few cooler days in early December so I got to wear my cozy sweatshirts.

I didn’t get to grab a pic of the looks below. The first one I tucked the cami in, this is what I wore to drive back from Key West. The second, I wore to grab dinner with a friend and the third to my last dinner in the Keys. The fourth, I wore for a beach day on Christmas Eve.

These are a few more more relaxed outfits I wore to run errands and such.

Going forward I started adding activewear on the StyleBook app as well since I spend so much time wearing them. Since my old stuff are long gone, I can only track the newer pieces. I got these leggings recently and they are the best! Already ordered a fourth pair. This jacket has been on major rotation the entire month.

I do have one fashion resolution this year, it is to shop way less and increase my cost per wear for each item I already have. I identified a few items I will put on eBay only because I didn’t wear them at all last year (will do a post about that), I find that I don’t wear anything that I don’t find comfortable. I did a post sharing my most worn pieces in 2019 and they all have one thing in common, comfort.

If you read this entire post, thank you! I will be back Monday to share my favorite purchases of 2019.

Most Worn Pieces of 2019
Best Buys of 2019