Book Review January 2020
One Skirt, Four Ways :: Printed Slip Midi Skirt

One of my 2020 goals is to go to the office more often, working from home has many perks: getting to stay in my pjs all day, avoiding traffic and getting to sleep in more. It is however extremely lonely and I end working in longer stretches of time with no breaks. I often end up with a migraine at the end of the day and have little motivation to watch a movie or read a book. Usually in the office, you get to interact with coworkers, take little breaks throughout the day, it’s just not the same via instant messaging, Skype calls or emails. With that you will get a workwear post weekly, I will try my best.

I have no shopping budget for 2020, I told everyone that if they choose to give me a gift, that I highly prefer gift cards. So I have some funds saved if anything strikes my fancy, so this year expect to see a lot more repeated old pieces. My other goal is to also increase my cost per wear and repair old items if needed.

I know Zara get a bad rep but I have several Zara pieces that I enjoy very much. I just make sure not to shop there all the time. If you wear your clothes, then that’s good enough. Don’t let anyone shame you into buying this or that brand because it is advertised as “sustainable”. A better attitude is to use what you have to the max, repair them when needed, buy second hand when you can. It takes patience to shop sites like TheRealReal, trust me I know. Nordstrom or Shopbop are a lot easier.

Earrings // Necklace // Belt

Most of the items in this look are long gone so I’m going through each with alternatives to recreate this look.

Shoes: I got these shoes last year, they were so comfortable that I got them in both nude and black. They are my go-to for a night when heels are necessary.

Pants: Mine are oldies from Zara, not the best quality but I love the look of them. I always buy them a size bigger for a relaxed look.

Shirt: I love silk anything but they are always more costly, I got this one from Zara last year because the price was right. It looks so luxe, I love wearing it with shorts and cute sandals for a more casual look.

This year I’m making an effort to update the SHOP weekly with current items that I love or that are similar to pieces I own.

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Thank you for stopping by, Happy Hump Day!

Book Review January 2020
One Skirt, Four Ways :: Printed Slip Midi Skirt

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