One Skirt, Four Ways :: Printed Slip Midi Skirt
Stripe Shirt & Olive Paperbag Pants

Happy Monday! Bloglovin’ didn’t work at all last week, so keep in mind you can sign up to get my posts in your email just in case this happens again. If you are just entering the workforce, it can be daunting to figure how to whip up a new work wardrobe and I think this one is a good place to start.

This year I definitely want to go back to doing more capsules, I started making them back in 2013 and they were always my most popular posts. I think that these capsules can help you streamline your wardrobe, so you can really re-wear what you have instead of constantly buying new things. This first one is very basic, but I will do more that include more colors, prints and overall more variety.

This is for fairly casual work place, where sneakers and jeans are allowed, at least on Fridays.

T-Shirt: This one is by Everlane, I wear tees to work quite often. I like to pair them with trousers or skirts to dress them. I also love this and this for a more fitted look.

White Shirt: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with white button downs, I currently have 4+. If you don’t care for the color white, you can switch it for any other neutral color you enjoy. (more options here, here, here and here)

Cardigan: I chose a striped one for this capsule, but I have a few jackie cardigans and they are perfect for work. They can be worn as is or layered.

Stripe Shirt: If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know I’m how I feel about a stripe shirt. I also have this one and wear to work often.

Jacket: This is one of my oldest jacket, I’ve even had to repurchase it.

Olive Pants: Love these pants, got them maybe 3 years ago and I always get compliments when I wear them.

Khaki Pants: These are a classic in any work wardrobe. You can find them at all price points.

Jeans: This is up to you, choose a pair you are comfortable with.

Skirt: Always stick to an appropriate length.

Leather Tote: There’s so many great one, I have the one from Madewell, but sharing more below.

Necklace: This is my favorite necklace, I’ve worn it countless times. So find one you love that you don’t mine wearing over and over again.

Flats: I think a good pair of flats, tittering around in high heels is just not for me. If your budget permit, I think Gucci loafers are great classic work flats.

Sneakers: I know a lot of offices have casual Fridays or allows sneakers. If you have white crisp one, it will match so many outfits.

Heels: Sensible heels are the way to go, do not wear uncomfortable shoes to work. Nowadays you can easily find slick shoes that are not torturing your poor feet.

I included a PDF version if you don’t want to have to refer to this post, just click the Download link below.

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One Skirt, Four Ways :: Printed Slip Midi Skirt
Stripe Shirt & Olive Paperbag Pants

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