Book Review December 2019
Best Books of 2019 : Fiction, Non Fiction & Favorite Authors.

I was inspired by Caryl to do this post, I always love her reviews. I got to have dinner with her on Monday night and show her my new pieces in person.

I lifted my shopping ban because I wanted a few things and the sales were good on Thanksgiving week. This year I did track the amount of garment I purchased and it’s honestly still too much (I’ll share those numbers in a future post). So in 2020 I only want to buy things that need to be replaced or are absolutely needed. Nothing just because it’s cute or I like it. The terrible thing about shopping is that I wasn’t even craving anything but once I made a couple purchases, I could not stop browsing the sales. I had to give myself a talk and be done!

Let’s start with Lululemon, I actually finally needed some new workout clothes. I finally threw out some that were worn out or defective. A year or so ago I decided to not buy any activewear and after wearing the same pieces over and over again, I got to really know what I want in activewear, my favorite materials, fit and more. For example, I’ve learned that Nike bras and leggings don’t age well, meanwhile I have several Gap pieces that are in perfect condition after a million washes. I hate high neckline in sports bras and cannot stand compression leggings and bra, basically anything overly too tight.

I only have one Lululemon jacket, I’m usually put off by the price of their activewear. Caryl swears by their Align leggings, so I ordered a few to try. I hate to say it but they are a new favorite. This one feels like a second skin, I work in my workout clothes then go to the gym, so they have to be comfortable.


The bulk of my workout clothes are from Gap, and while I love my Lululemon pieces I am not about to pay that much for tanks. I got this and this and I know they will look awesome paired with high waist leggings.

I am not at all new to Missoma and placed a bigger order this year, the past couple of years I’ve only ordered one necklace. Since my two necklaces have held up well, I was more comfortable getting more than one piece. I even got my sister hooked on them, it’s so funny to see how we have different taste. I think we only have one item in common.

earrings // short necklace // long necklace
ring 1 // ring 2 // ring 3

Once I saw Caryl‘s leopard jacket, of course I wanted one too and ended up ordering this one from Madewell. I like my jacket slightly oversized so I usually size up but I got a small in this and it fits perfectly with enough room for layers underneath.

jacket // leggings // sandals

Last but not least, I got some new basics for 50% off at J.Crew. I always wanted a matching set of sweats, so I got this set.

sweatshirt // sweatpants

Also got a new pair of basic (non-workout) leggings and I’ve been wearing them a lot. I may get a second pair in future sale.

leggings // sandals

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Book Review December 2019
Best Books of 2019 : Fiction, Non Fiction & Favorite Authors.

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