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Happy Monday! It’s that time again and my last one of 2019. I honestly had a great reading month and year. I plan on doing a round up post of my favorite books in 2019 so stay tune for that. Now let’s get into these reviews, it’s a lot.

Roommates Wanted: Ok I’m officially a fan of Lisa Jewell, her books are not groundbreaking but they have depth, great storyline and endearing characters. Toby is a bit of a weirdo and owns a big house. His mom died when he was young, his dad wasn’t really there for him and his wife left him after a month of marriage. In his big house, he has 5 roommates that he feels responsible for. When one dies at 97 years old and leaves him some money, a cat and a letter, he starts making some life changes. Verdict: 4 Stars

The Wedding Party: Maddie puts up with Theo, he is her best friend Alexa’s coworker/friend. When she is dragged to Theo’s birthday party by Alexa, she ends up having to drive him home and then some. Now they are trying to hide their hook ups from Alexa as she is prepping her wedding. I read the proposal and it was nice to see the different character intertwined. This was a really fun modern romance. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The House We Grew Up In: I’ve been on the Lisa Jewell bandwagon and I can’t seem to hop off. This started a bit slow but it picked up and kept me engaged the entire time. It’s about a family with fours kids, two girls and twin boys. When one of the twin boys commits suicide the family is forever changed and the mom starts showing hoarder tendencies. This book will make you feel a lot better about your own family, these people are all over the place. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Kulti: Sal is a professional football player and she finds out that her football star idol, that she grew up loving and looking up is going to be her coach. He’s not a very nice man to say the least, but somehow they end up building a friendship. The Wall of Winnipeg is still my favorite but I really enjoyed this. I’m seeing a trend in Mariana main male characters, they are always so rude. Verdict: 3.5

The Girls in the Garden: Pip is 12 and recently moved in this new flat with her mom and sister Grace. The flat is around this communal garden, where all the tweens and kids in the neighborhood run free. One night after a party, Pip founds her sister in the garden unconscious and half dressed. Trust me I didn’t spoil the story, this is all in the beginning and the story goes back to how they got there. Loved it! Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Royal Holiday: Ok I’ve been reading Jasmine Guillory’s books out of order and it really doesn’t matter. In the Wedding Date above it was all about Maddie and Theo, well this book is about Maddie’s mom Vivian. She travels to the UK with Maddie, she has a gig to dress the duchess for her holiday events. While Maddie is working, her mom starts a romance with Malcom who’s the personal secretary of the Queen. It was so nice to read a romance novel about a more mature couple. This one was so sweet and festive. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Life We Bury: Joe is struggling to keep up with college work, deal with his bipolar mom and autistic brother Jeremy. His mom keeps getting in trouble with her drinking and is not taking very good care of Jeremy. For an english class assignment, Joe has to write the biography of a stranger and founds Carl Iverson at a nursing home. He is dying of cancer and was convicted for the rape and murder of a 14 year old in the 80s. He claims to be innocent and promise Joe he’s full life story. This book was so so good, my summary cannot do it justice. It was my first time reading Allen Eskens and I can’t think of anything negative about it. They are adapting it to the big screen, I definitely will want to see that. Verdict: 5 Stars

Nothing More Dangerous: Since I loved The Life We Bury, I picked up Allen latest as well. Boady is a young teen boy living with his mom, he doesn’t have any friends other than his older neighbor Hoax. When he hears that he is getting new neighbors and they have a son his age, he’s pretty excited to meet him and potentially make a new friend. His new neighbors are black and some people in town are not too excited to have them around. Some of his schoolmate try to recruit him to vandalize his new neighbors home but he refuses to go through with it, now he has to deal with the consequences of that choice. Allen is officially a new favorite. Verdict: 4 Stars

My Favorite Half-Night Stand: I picked up this one at the library on a whim and read in two days, only because I had to work and sleep and so on. This may be my all time favorite Christina Lauren book. Millie has a great group of guy friends and they are also her coworkers. She is closer to Reid and they are pretty much the center of the group. After a night of monopoly and heavy drinking, Millie finds herself very attracted to Reid and they have a half night stand. They then agree to go back to being friends and keep things PG. When they all need dates for a big work event, they all agree to join online dating but Millie ends up with two accounts. In one she’s Millie, the girl that never goes too deep, in the other she’s Cat and matches with Reid. Don’t want to give too much away but I loved this one. Verdict: 4 Stars

I Found You: Alice lives in a beachside cottage with her three kids. One morning she wakes up to a stranger sitting on the beach claiming to not know who he is and how he got there. She makes the unsound advice to let him in, meanwhile somewhere else in the UK, newlywed Lily is anxious because her new amazing husband has not come home. She is new to the UK so have very little help and the police is not as alarmed as she is. So who is the man on the beach and where is Lily’s husband? Are these events related? Verdict: 3.5 Stars

We Met in December: Jess moves to London with a new job and is excited to live in Nothing Hill. Her friend Becky inherited a huge fully furnished house from her grandparents and is renting rooms for a steal to Jess, Emma, Alex and Rob. When Jess meets Alex, it’s pretty much attraction at first sight. Becky has one rule, no funny stuff between roommates to avoid drama. Jess goes on a ski trip that December when she comes back she notices Emma leaving Alex’s room. She is not thrilled, but her and Alex still manage to become very good friends. When Jess starts a new relationship Alex is also not thrilled. Needless to say life in the house is getting complicated for both. This was a very cute read and it’s another great one for the holiday season. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

We Came Here To Forget: Katie was a professional skier, but she has currently gained 20 pounds and is depressed. Something major happened with her family and her sister Penny is no longer in her life. On a whim, she takes a trip to Argentina and decides to stay there for a while. She gets a new gig and make new expat friends who all seem to be escaping something as well. Eventually Katie has to face her problems and her past is catching up to her. I picked this up at the library because I’ve seen it all over instagram. I liked it because the story was pretty unique, don’t want to give too much away. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Awk-Weird: Picked this up on a whim from the library and it was so cute. Tess is super awkward and is from a shitty family. She meets Cole a hockey player at one of her best friend’s rehearsal dinner, it starts shaky but they end up spending the night together. A month later, she is pregnant and keeping it. Cole wants to help her but Tess has a hard time letting people in and Cole has some quirks as well. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

PS: I’m joining Steph and Jana to their book link-up. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews.

Classic Holiday Outfit & Fun Links
Buying Lately :: Missoma, Gap, Madewell, J.Crew, Lululemon Try-On Review