Everything I Wore in October 2019

A Perfect Outfit - Dressy Holiday Party Outfit
Book Review November 2019

Can’t believe it’s November and we only have two months left in 2019. I can’t believe 2000 was almost 20 years ago. This past month has felt like a new year to me, I’ve been very reflective and I’m working on making some changes. Since this post is mostly about fashion, I’ll focus on that for now. I started October with a deep desire to reduce, reduce and reduce some more. I did my biggest closet cleaning yet and started a shopping ban. This time I meant business, I always left some wriggle room in my budget for some shopping. Now I no longer have that, I don’t need anything hence I refuse to buy anything. That allocation goes straight to a savings account I cannot easily access.

A major temptation when it comes to shopping is this blog and instagram. Instagram is easier, as I made the effort to unfollow accounts that are always pushing products. It’s a bit harder with the blog, making fashion related posts forces me to browse online, which is my downfall. So for now I will be blogging a bit less, maybe once or twice weekly, when I have something I’m excited to share.

For now, it’s that time again! October wasn’t a very fun month, I worked from home a lot so I spent most of my days in activewear. Lately most of my jeans are from L’Agence, they are expensive but I get all of mine from TheRealReal. Actually I get them for about $35 and they still have the tag on. Yes you have to watch for your size but they are worth the extra effort.

I wore the look below to my friend Birthday dinner. I got this cute crop top from Zara earlier this year.

01: Outfit HERE

I wore this to an indulgent Italian dinner with a friend. This is another Zara top and I saw that it’s back in stock. I love it!

02: top // jeans // bag // boots

This is the one work outfit I wore, loving wearing plaid lately. This is another pair of L’Agence denim, they fit so well.

03: shirt // jeans // belt // loafers // necklace // bag

Sometimes you just need to take yourself out to dinner and this is what I wore. Other ways I’ve worn this slip dress here. I love Silk Laundry, their slip dresses are divine, unfortunately their prices seem to have gone up. I’m happy I got mine when I did.

04: Outfit HERE – Exact dress

The ones below are all super casual outfits I wore that I didn’t bother documenting, to lunch, running errands, doctor’s appointment and such.

01: tee // shorts // backpack // sandals
02: tee // skirt // backpack // sandals
03: tee // leggings // jacket // bag // sandals
04: dress // bag // sandals

See how I’ve worn this boho dress and my plaid shirt prior here.

Find all my previous monthly outfits round up HERE. Thank you for reading, have a great week!

A Perfect Outfit - Dressy Holiday Party Outfit
Book Review November 2019