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Book Review November 2019
Items I've Bought & Loved that would make great Gifts
Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Flats // Necklace

Happy Friday! This past couple of weeks I posted a little less, but from now on I’m committing to two posts weekly. I haven’t been shopping much and not browsing stores online constantly helps. Whoever runs a fashion or style blog spends an ungodly amount of time browsing stores online and that’s the trap to constantly shopping. So I’ll try to balance the fashion with other posts, specially books.

The holiday season is specially tempting to me because there’s so many festive pieces available. Like these flats, they look comfy, festive and so cute. I would pair these with classic pieces and let them stand out.

  • This interview of Emma Watson for British Vogue is so beautiful. I love her.
  • A 66 years old influencer, she’s gorgeous. I love fashion and seeing stylish older women is always so inspiring to me.
  • I can’t believe this has to be said.
  • I’ve been reorganizing my closet and I’m loving the updates I did. This post on MR was really fun.
  • Still on the closet topic, check out Sara Berman’s Closet that was an exhibition at the Met.
  • Dancing past 60, love this article. Recently I was in pilates and the man next to me claimed to be 87 yo. I was shocked because I thought he was in his early/mid 60s. He did tell me that pilates was one of the best exercises he’s ever done. So I guess I’ll keep doing that
  • I use the AHA serum and it’s now permanent in my skincare routine.

Have a great weekend guys! Be back Monday for a new post.

Book Review November 2019
Items I've Bought & Loved that would make great Gifts