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Fall Must Haves

Current Favorite Fall Pieces
A Perfect Outfit - Going Out Fall Outfit
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I am personally not shopping for Fall for many reasons, mainly because I don’t need new clothes and I live in South Florida (it’s still hot here). I recently did yet another closet cleaning, and now I can see everything that I have clearly (this time I was drastic). I was slightly inspired by Chelsea, she got rid of 75% of her clothes. After I was done, I can say I kept only 3 to 5 pieces that I’m not crazy about, these are special occasions items that I just don’t wear often. Everything else is something I enjoy wearing.

I’m not going to lie, I have a couple things in my wishlist but they are not at all necessary. I do however have plenty of pieces that I am dying to wear again, that are in no way outdated.

Classic Sweaters & Plaid Shirts

fall outfit with blush pink sweater over plaid shirt with skinny jeans

I have very few sweaters but a couple years ago, I focused on getting a few basic ones, so that I don’t feel the need to update them often. I think right now I have 4 to 6 plaid shirts and for me that’s a good number. I can wear them now with jeans, skirts and later layered with sweaters and jackets.

casual fall outfit with leggings

Depending on where you live Fall may not be too intense, so a denim jacket can still work. I got an oversized denim jacket as a birthday gift and I must say, I like it a lot more than my regular one above. By the way, my exact plaid shirt is back.

Long Cardigan

outfit with bluch pink cardigan

These are a must and there’s so many affordable options out there. I got the one above at H&M and it’s still a favorite. I lied when I said I didn’t shop for Fall, because a few weeks ago I caved and got this Chanel-esque cardigan, was planning on returning it but it’s so good. That’s it I swear.


casual blazer and jeans outfit

I have a small blazer collection that I love, they are great for work and can easily be dressed down. Overall just a nice layer for a more structured look.

Teddy Jacket or Vest

casual fall outfit with leggings

These are not at all necessary but they are so cozy. I have the vest because it is more appropriate for South Florida but I also love the pullover versions.


grey adidas sweatshirt outfit

I love sweatshirts, and it’s been so hard not to get all the cute new ones I”m seeing. I do have plenty and I wear them casually, and even over button downs to work. They are so cozy and I prefer them slightly oversized.

Faux Leather Jacket

faux leather jacket Zara wrap floral blouse Mother black skinny jeans

I had to retire this exact jacket because I wore it to death and it got damaged, but I already have a replacement. These are a must for me, specially for night outs.

This post further proved that I have no business buying anything. No worries, I will keep the fashion related posts coming. As usual, my go-to stores are always Nordstrom, J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, H&M, Zara, Everlane and Gap. Do not sleep on Zara and H&M, yes they are fast fashion stores, but they have a lot of great basics, that you can cherish for years.

I didn’t cover shoes and I will work on another posts. Overall, if you have all of these, great jeans, coats, you are probably ready for Fall as well.

Current Favorite Fall Pieces
A Perfect Outfit - Going Out Fall Outfit